Distant Memories

Well, I’m emily zerod. I come from Ficlets and Protagonize. I do nanowrimo and script frenzy every year now. I’m almost 14 and finally in high school. I like to write from experience, but I do make up my stories. They’re about real people but most of these scenarios haven’t happened. As much as I love writing I’m more interested in hanging with The Group around our neighborhoods, so I probably won’t be writing twelve hundred new stories everyday. Sorry. That’s about it. Wanna know anything else you can message, comment or even AIM: zer0dinosauruss. By the way since it doesn’t seem to be working the first “o” in that is actually the number “zero.” I have officially decided that i hate it when people find one thing wrong with a story, poem, song, etc, and give it a low rating for that one thing.

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