Hi all! I was introduced to this site by ‘One Time, One Chance’ – I ran across her in the New Bedford asylum by sheer happenstance, and we naturally fell to talking. She was between electroshock treatments and was surprisingly lucid at the time. She was also really ‘on’ about this site, and said that she has a TON of fun on here when, of course, her internet privileges aren’t revoked for eating the bedding or biting the nurses, or for grabbing an axe and claiming to be the illicit love-child of Emily Bronte and Lizzie Borden.

THAT’S a night they won’t soon forget down at New Bedford.

I really look forward to having some fun, and reading some interesting, good fiction-lite! I’m SHOCKED by the character limit, however – HOW is it possible to tell a story in so few letters?? What if I have vital – absolutely vital – time-sensitive information to impart about mammoths, or sewer rats??? What if the very fate of mankind depends upon ME sharing MY valuable knowledge?

For example – God forbid – what if t

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