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  1. Questions Not Asked (Mature)

  2. Shut the Door, Have a Seat (3) (Mature)

  3. Shut the Door, Have a Seat (2) (Mature)

  4. Shut the Door, Have a Seat (1) (Mature)

  5. Commitment

    It was raining. Raining so hard in Los Angeles, it was one of those “dark and stormy nights” that start off the best stories. It was a great night to fall in love and kiss out in the rain while dancing. Kirsten lived in the motel by the din...

  6. I've Got a Bad Feeling About This (3)

    James, she thought as her heart felt a twinge of pain and nostalgia. Kelsey reached across the table for Jesse’s drink, not caring what was in it. “Hey!” Jesse protested. “You shouldn’t drink,” Kelsey said after down...

  7. I've Got a Bad Feeling About This (2)

    Ashlee looked back and forth between her cab, Kelsey and Jesse. “Well… that is my cue to exit,” she said before slipping into the taxi and disappearing. “What are you doing here?” Kelsey finally asked. “It’s a ...

  8. I've Got a Bad Feeling About This (1)

    Kelsey glanced over at her husband who was still glued to the TV. “Hello?” she asked into her phone. “Oh my gah, Kels I am so glad I got you! Look, I’m stuck at the 27 Club and everyone bailed on me and this little kid is follow...

  9. Kat is Sexy (2) (Mature)

  10. Kat is Sexy (1) (Mature)

  11. You Know Who You Are (Mature)

  12. Mother's Little Helper (2)

    They had no clue that Betty’s morning started before the dew collected on her family’s perfectly manicured lawn. A half-full glass of water waited for Betty and her little helpers: A little orange pill that kept the monsters away, a white o...

  13. Mother's Little Helper (1)

    On a beautiful July day in 1966 four very beautiful women were spreading bitter ugliness. “She must wake up before the birds to get her hair that perfect,” Laura said, brushing away a strand of her blonde hair. “She couldn’t hav...

  14. Dear Ficly, Goodbye. Sincerly, Me.

    The last thing I will ever write is also the simplest. Goodbye. An un-noteworthy event, as no one cares. If I were to say goodbye to the world who would even notice. Another annoying person gone. Off to find that “better place” they spoke o...

  15. Two Nights After the First Day (Mature)

  16. Hooking Up (Mature)

  17. The Words That Haunt

    All I want, all I need is one night when we throw caution to the wind, and our clothes on the floor. That night on the phone, “I think… I could be falling in love with you,” you said. Now those words echo in my mind and haunt my heart...

  18. Murder on the Shore (4)

    “So, wait,” Costa asked, “you think someone murdered your brother?” “That’s what I just said, detective ” Krisa said the last word soaked with sarcasm. “Well, we need more than just a hunch, you got any evidence?” Costa asked. Krisa o...

  19. Murder on the Shore (3)

    Present day Long Island, New York Fifteen year old Krisa Lieberman sat in the waiting area at the police department, impatiently tapping her feet, watching the clock and fidgeting with the manila envelope in her hands. “Who’s that?” asked Tim Cos...

  20. Murder on the Shore (2) (Mature)

  21. Murder on the Shore (1)

    May 29, 2007 2:47 PM South Shore High School Long Island, New York It was the end of the school day and most students were heading to their bus or talking with friends, but not Alana Policastro. Alana had taken advantage of the warm May weather by pair...

  22. There Are Many Lessons Taught in the Woods (Mature)

  23. Wrong Turn 2 in 10 Words

    “Ahh! Inbred hillbilly cannibals!” …then Henry Rollins saves the day.

  24. The Night Before the First Day (Mature)

  25. Seven Months After the First Day (Mature)

  26. Melancholy Mistress

    The melancholy mistress had time to herself, time to think. Of course we all know that is never a good thing. This reverie revealed to her that she had never been someone’s one and only. In fact, the one and only thing she had been was the other ...

  27. The Promise

    “We will always be best friends,” he promised. “You’re like a sister to me, even if you were a crazy alien squid I would be thrilled to be you’re friend.” That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Which is...

  28. That's When I Knew

    He said my name, almost a whisper, in a crowded movie theater. He knew something was bothering me. He knew what, or rather, who was bothering me. I sat there, almost catatonic, not knowing what to say, with my eyes glued to the floor. He placed his han...

  29. Like Turning Off the Sun [Fact-ly '09 challenge copy]

    “I have to go now,” he said. I checked the Spider-man watch he gave me for Christmas, 11:51PM it read. “Awh… I hate when we have to hang up,” I lamented. “Me, too,” he stated. “Why?” I questioned. &...

  30. Like Turning Off the Sun

    “I have to go now,” he said. I checked the Spider-man watch he gave me for Christmas 11:51PM it read. “Awh… I hate when we have to hang up,” I lamented. “Me, too,” he stated. “Why?” I questioned. &#...

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