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“This is only a test.”

“Um, that being the case, do you suppose it’s wise to be using real bullets?”

“Shut up and get into your duck suit.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I think this is sad, but I was just seeing if I could publish a story at all, as my full length attempt kept getting kicked back for being too long.

  2. Avatar Ana Cristina

    I don’t know about sad. The duck suit bit had me laughing. :D

  3. Amj Lone Writer

    Actually, I think that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. ;)

  4. Avatar ALRO613 (LoA)

    Made me laugh too!!

  5. Avatar g²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    Kind of a combination of sentiments, I found this darkly funny.

    I find it fitting: who else should write the (probably, judging from the url number) first… ficly? Piece? Thingy? shrugs Ah, whatever it is, well-done.

  6. Avatar ALRO613 (LoA)

    Glad to see you made it G2!!

  7. Avatar Oy

    Ssshh. “Shut up and get into your duck suit.” Priceless. I think that’ll be my new catchphrase.

  8. Avatar Never Explain (LoA)

    I’m with Oy on this on. This sounds exactly what something my friend and i would do, minus the gun. :]

  9. Avatar BARomero

    Aaaannddd… here… we… go…!

  10. Avatar Alexa Reed (LoA)

    I like it. It re-defines duck hunting.

  11. Avatar Wyatt Aapr LoA

    It looks like the usual list of suspects have found their way to Ficly. Also some new writers. Long live Ficly.

  12. Avatar Xanathael

    It’s pretty awesome Grand Awesome Marshall. Thanks for putting it out there.

  13. Avatar StudMuffin (LoA)

    Reminds me of that really old arcade game.

  14. Avatar Nancy

    Reminds me of that movie “The Jackal”. Well, one scene. Made me laugh but also creepy (if you know the scene in the movie you’ll know why).

  15. Avatar StudMuffin (LoA)

    I think this is a suiting beginning to what may be the greatest website in all of creation

  16. Avatar TSlothrop

    Oh my sweet heaven, this is so good!!!

  17. Toonrmicon Robotech_Master

    Short as it is, it’s still pretty funny.

    Funnier than a Slashdot “First Post!” anyway.

  18. Avatar cthulhuburger

    This was one of the first ficlies I read, and it’s still a classic.

  19. Avatar ethelthefrog

    Most excellent. Very laughing.

  20. Avatar LeahForTomorrow

    Random and hilarious, my kind of fic!

  21. Avatar Trann

    Sequel attempted via challenge and wibbly-wobbly URL change but, yeah… didn’t sequel.

    Have a link. http://ficly.com/stories/25251

  22. Avatar astronouth7303

    I think this is the funniest, shortest stories I’ve seen ever.

  23. Avatar boxofun


  24. Avatar Breeze

    I think this story helped me reach a deeper meaning philosophically

  25. Avatar Funky Chunky

    Love it. Brief, and to the point. And funny, too.

    A bit like: “Are you sure you’re not hungry?” “No.” “In that case can you stop spreading mustard up my arm?”

  26. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    I just typed in this: http://ficly.com/stories/1 to see what the first ever ficly was and I got here =) Hiiiiiii! It feels like time travel.

    Ah, the beginnings of awesomeness…

  27. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    I did the same thing, Abby! Haha! This is so cool. :D

  28. Avatar Robert Quick

    How have I not seen this before? This is so awesome!

    Thanks to PBLT for bringing me here. Well, I followed her at any rate. Comment stalking. Hurm.

    Lastly, I miss you THX. I hope everything is going well. While I don’t uphold your code everyday, it is what I aim for.

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