Listening to My Future

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My wife and I both listen to the same podcast. She got on the bandwagon late and finally caught up with me and passed me.

When she told me I replied, “You’re listening to my future.”

Lame set up.

That phrase stoked that writing demon in me. That’s a title I could work with.

But I got writer’s block.

So I give it to you.

Write a story, poem, or whatever about someone listening and reporting to another character’s future.

Here’s the catch. No physical time travel. The person can only hear the future, not see it.

  • Started June 30th, 2009.
  • Ended July 14th, 2009.
  • Created by BA Boucher

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Challenge has ended

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  1. Avatar Ronnie

    Thanks Boucher! I had a really good time with this challenge. I enjoyed everyone else’s stories too. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Avatar Rob Tarr

    Yay! First challenge for me!

  3. Avatar Aurelia

    Ah, now I’ve gone and depressed myself with mine…

  4. Avatar Oy

    Ah, I was guessing a podiobook

  5. Avatar BA Boucher

    We listen to Adam Carolla and SModcast with Kevin Smith

  6. Avatar Ronnie

    Blast it. I have written five stories and each time they are not going anywhere.

  7. Avatar Oy

    What podcast? Note me.

  8. Avatar i, Coomber

    I’ve seen far too many sci-fi films to not take this challenge to a higher level, hope mine’s not too confusing for anyone :s

  9. Avatar Stovohobo

    Pretty fun. Nice possibilities with your storystarter there.

  10. Avatar Sam Ervin

    This sucks. I tried twice and neither had any plot at all.

    I’ll try again tomorrow, with a cleared head.

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