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Beneath the regular writers sits a young girl, pen trembling in her hand. She tries to put words on paper, but nothing comes out but painfully choppy verse. She drops the pen, looking up at the regulars in their creative glory. She sees many people she’d take a bullet for, but cannot stifle the envy toward. She remembers when she was a shining example of what a writer should be, but that time is long since gone. She lays her notebook down and draws her legs under her, praying for inspiration.

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Elisabeth, Situation Escape Artist and Keeper of Fireworks


  1. Caught!

    He hunched over his notebook, leaving his profile visible to the observer — in this case, me. A forest of thick, dark hair rested in organized chaos just above his eyes, no doubt previously covered by the ivy cap sitting next to his paper. His we...

  2. Almost Wrote

    I almost wrote you something sappy— Something pleading— Something bland. I almost wrote you something crazy You couldn’t hope to understand. I almost wrote you something cryptic Full of imagery and schemes But I figured it would be too hard T...

  3. Pervalsk Mental Hostpital: Nikolai Kirmasov's Journal, 3.10.2063

    They tell me I need to keep a journal. Write what you feel, they said. But I don’t feel. I suppose I should start with something about myself. My name is Nikolai Kirmasov. I am 17 years of age. At 13, my parents were captured and tortured as spie...

  4. Final Conflict

    He looked down at her, unable to see her face through the loosely curled chestnut hair. Her ragged breath betrayed the emotion she’d tried so hard to hide. Acidic tears trailed down her cheeks and landed on the floor. The two had been enemies sin...

  5. The Playwright

    Unnoticed save for one or two, The playwright died today. The tortured soul that no one knew Was kindly brought away. A tear was shed for lost paychecks, A few cried for the plays. His passing found no less neglect Than he his final days. Largely ignor...

  6. The Girl In The Front

    Observe, for example, The girl in the front. She says not a word And daren’t be blunt. Immersed in her schoolwork, This young girl escapes From her life into One through which she can traipse. This better world gives her Someplace she can be Whe...

  7. A Call From a Stranger

    The phone rang, causing Adam to look up from his book. He’d thought of disconnecting the troublesome thing before, in situations like this; being ripped from the depths of a good story to speak to someone likely bearing bad news. He grasped at th...

  8. Reassurance to an Old Friend

    I find no reason to leave a home For someone who is there; You didn’t come because of her, And so should go nowhere. ‘Twas wrong of her to give false hope To someone in such pain; But remember, I’m right here for you Through your will...

  9. I Am

    I am no beggar; I take no handouts. I am no saint; I sin. I am not steel; I bend, and break When tried, and tried again. I am no dog, I do not take A beating and still love. I am no quitter! This is my vow That I will rise above. I am no mom. You’...

  10. Help?

    “Help? I’m lost. I didn’t mean to be. I just Am.” “Hm. How, though? What would lead you astray?” “Oh, lots,” “Oh?” “Well, It could Perhaps be the people. People Lose.” “No. N...

  11. Four.

    One. Two. Three. Four. Four painstakingly carved letters, each red and swollen, stand on my arms. I was hoping this would help me cry, but as usual, I am wrong. I’ve always been afraid to break the skin on account of infection, and many mock me a...

  12. Immortal, Convinced

    Finally, the pain stopped. I looked up at her, realizing I had dropped into a fetal position during the attack. My attempt at maintaining suavity as I stood was futile, and the old bitch cackled at me. I think I could have taken more screaming than hea...

  13. Strange Dream

    People stand To shake my hand But why they do, I don’t yet understand. Notes are sold From hearts gone cold Why they want them, Something I’m still not told. Vision fades Darkness invades A clear signal, I am not meant to stay. I realize That I wil...

  14. Of Summoning and Immortality

    The pain almost made me cry out. My veins turned to liquid fire, spreading throughout my body, hitting my head with full force, adding to my already pounding headache. What the hell was happening now? It’s not that it’s a rare occurance. Ho...

  15. Anger Be Now Your Song

    My grip tightened on the arms of my chair. If I didn’t vent soon, my fury would consume me, but only mentally. Unfortunately, I cannot die. My name is Abranis. I regret my decision to accept immortality on Earth. I took the coward’s way of ...

  16. Galen Richmond

    Galen wouldn’t look you in the eye, and his monotone voice wasn’t a treat to listen to, but the subject matter was worth it. Even if those odd royal blue eyes never met mine, or his voice wasn’t exactly lifelike, his words were. I rem...

  17. Goodbye

    Condescension, No affection Showed between we two; This made it far too easy To walk away from you. I sensed the end— Doomed to “just friends” But did nothing to help; You thought I was changing, But I’m coming out of my shell. ...

  18. Welcome to Bangkok

    His nerves screamed as he stalked up through the corridors, listening to each door trying to find what he was sent here to kill. He approached the door, noticing the name on it—or lack thereof. Everywhere else had something written on their windo...

  19. Bless Her

    Bless her. The girl without a father, Without a suitable family, Stuck taking care of her sister’s child At the age of thirteen. Bless her. She’s done her share of stupid things, And her old friends won’t let go. She’s put it al...

  20. Hello Peace

    Hello, Peace, It’s been a while Since you stepped through my door. Can’t say I haven’t missed you. Life without you’s been a war. Been up late, Excuse the bags That rest beneath my eyes. Your absence has disturbed my sleep Fille...

  21. Mutual Friends

    Comfortable, and yet, so shy, The two of them appear. I have watched my two close friends Flirt for almost a year. Fleeting glances, inside jokes, Normally wouldn’t mix. But they both see potential For something sweetly rich. Dearest friends, hol...

  22. Lucid Insanity

    Just let me explain. I wasn’t always like this, no. And no one ever ‘led’ me to this, as you seem to claim. Unless you count myself. There’s never been anyone else that held any influence over me. There’s never been anyone...

  23. Julian's Letter

    He stumbled toward the bed and picked up the note, unfolding it with care. Someone had taken some time to put this together. There, in heavily flourished handwriting, was a letter. Julian—— I hope you don’t remember what we talked abo...

  24. I Won't Be Home for Christmas.

    “Thompson, you’ll be on an away team to Abscido V.” John Michael held a smile that would have gotten him locked away in simpler times. Now, though, any expression of happiness was welcome. “I’ve been waiting on you to say ...

  25. Siren Song

    Her song was the object that drew him in, Despite the protests of his fellow men; “Don’t fall victim,” they cried, trying to save, But to her voice he was already slave. Beauty was bait for her ravenous trap, One in which ever more me...

  26. Open Letters to People that Bother Me: Devin

    Devin, I didn’t think it possible, but you disgust me far more now than you did last Sunday. Really bad plan, there. I’d expect even you to be able to see that what you did requires a LOT more than an apology. Emma and I have no plans of be...

  27. Consideration

    “Me? Why am I in bad shape?” My tongue had loosened ever-so slightly from the shock of his warning. He stood and faced me. Yes, he was male. But his face wasn’t entirely human. No, his face was scarcely human, almost solely lupine in appearance a...

  28. Entrapment

    I awoke in pitch darkness, a black blanket pressing nonexistently against my eyes. The air in this chamber—for that is all I can call it, even now—was so damp that even my clothes were wet. A hum from a starting light penetrated the silence accompa...

  29. Psychological Role Reversal

    “We may have accidentally switched roles here,” he said when she started paying attention. This produced a laugh out of the female. “What, I the therapist and you the patient?” she questioned, still giggling. “It’s n...

  30. Independence of the Heart

    A continuing conversation filled the flame-scented air of the library. Overstuffed, paisley patterned armchairs dotted the room, but only two were treated to occupants. One was a young girl, eight years the junior of her male companion who was offering...

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