What if a stare could kill?

Suppose for a moment that through some freak incident, a very small percentage (say .1%) of the world’s population suddenly acquired the supernatural ability to end a life with a single thought. It would require a conscious act of the mind, and the kill would be perfect: no way to detect it – except by others in the .1% group, who can identify the murderer with perfect accuracy. Those with the ‘gift’ are themselves not shielded from its effect.

What would happen to the world? This challenge aims to explore this situation, by considering various possible outcomes. From this beginning situation, try to imagine the consequences on society, on our idea of justice, on the balance of power. Feel free to spin it any which way, run with it. 1024 bytes of epic-scale conflict, or 1024 letters of personal tragedy. Explore the consequences, or perhaps the cause.

During the first week of March I’ll pick my favorite story – winner gets eternal glory, and a $25 coupon for whatever popular webstore has your fancy :)

Challenge Winner

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