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  1. My Mother's Song

    It wasn’t until later, looking back, that I thought the sad songs my mother used to sing to me from the old country might not have been melancholy themselves, but only sounded unhappy because she sang them.

  2. Failure to Launch

    The din of battle was almost deafening. Xar leaned low over the dragon’s back as the huge beast zoomed over the throng of screaming monsters whose arrows clattered from the dragon’s scales. In front of him, the dragonrider sat astride the l...

  3. Communication Breakdown

    if u dont get me my muni by 2morro ima break ur legs :D da fuzz is comin hide da stuff in da cr8s LOL wheres da shipment i asked 4 u bum :P Having let his thirteen-year-old daughter teach him how to send text messages, Marco was starting to think somet...

  4. The Ultimate Chronicle - The Ultimate Chapter

    “You know the Secret Prophecy of Nostradamus! When cherry tree and log cabin duel, doom shall swallow all!” Space/Time Lincoln shouted. George Washington spurred his chainicorn, sending the buzzing horn spinning madly. “There is no ot...

  5. The Ultimate Chronicle - Part 47

    “How can you understand freedom? You, who are nothing but a pawn of destiny? For there to be light, there must be dark. For there to be good, there must be evil. You and I are two halves of a cosmic whole, fated to war always.” Rasputin and...

  6. Yaaaaaaaaay!

    The brontosauruses with their heavy bodies stay to the right, while the smaller, nimbler raptors keep on the left. Your raptor is the quickest, since he’s wearing roller skates, and he can easily zip between the others. The other raptors honk lik...

  7. The Bully

    The machines beeped around them. His best friend nudged the kid’s shoulder. “There he goes. He’s got every high score on the system. They say he’s even been to tournaments in Washington.” When the kid turned to look, the b...

  8. The Training

    The kid woke to a high-pitched “woowoowoowoo” that made him jump off the stained couch in a cold sweat. The old man grinned and clicked off the tape recorder. “Good. You’re ready for your first day.” “What do I have ...

  9. The Master

    The kid got out of his dented Olds and hefted his duffel. He checked the address again. The grew long and the porch sagged. After he knocked on the door, the guy who answered the door was pot-bellied, his clothes stained. The whole place stank of booze...

  10. The Ultimate Chronicle - Part 45

    Lincoln’s sonorous voice echoed through the silence hanging over the city like a shroud. As he intoned the words on the scroll, the crackling of power squealed in the air, like cracking ice through the many dimensions. “No! Someone stop him...

  11. Spidertown

    I hate this town. If the entire world is a toilet, this isn’t the drain, it’s the grime clinging to the rim. No matter how hard you scrub, you’re never going to get it all. Low-lifes, die-hards, slavers, druggies, and just enough guys...

  12. Time of Death (Mature)

  13. Poker Face Purposefully Misinterpreted (Mature)

  14. Personal Justice

    (Note: this is a new character talking.) They say I’m slowing down. Maybe. The hell with it. My daddy always said old wolves don’t die sleeping. I check the tank on the old horse with a stick. It’s more than half full. It hasn’t...

  15. The Critic

    She was his harshest critic. Years after other reviewers stopped finding flaws in his novels and started listing his accomplishments, she went on. If he wrote something from the heart, she called it sentimental. If he tried something witty, she called ...

  16. In Pitched Battle

    Neris, the Left Hand of the God-King Amunn, cut through the battlefield like a glittering eel The screaming chaos of battle surged around her. The air hung thick with the scent of bodies and blood. The heat of the desert sand baked her silver-tipped bo...

  17. run program

    >run search string +Search commencing. +…. +……. +Target acquired. >run analysis +Analysis commencing +…. +Target hostile. “Proceed.”

  18. God said, "Let there be roller coasters," and he saw it was...

    … ………… ………………….. ……………………………… “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

  19. Trust

    Hold this, stand there, and if anyone asks, tell them you acted alone.

  20. What I Expect a Comment on a 2 Pencil Rated Story Sounds Like

    The emotion’s not earned The timing is rotten It shouldn’t be burned But maybe forgotten

  21. What I Expect A Comment On A 5 Star Rated Story Sounds Like

    I despaired in the desert Until I found you I told my husband I’ve met someone new No verse can compare To your heavenly rhyme Even your commas Transcend sublime

  22. The Call to Adventure

    Grogar ran his hand through his curling beard as he looked the old man up and down. “Exactly where did you hear this rumor about the old tower being filled with monsters and treasure, old fella? You really should cite your sources.” “...

  23. The Farmer's Lament

    It’s always some darn thing. If there’s enough sun, there’s not enough rain. If there’s enough rain, there’s a late frost. If there’s no frost, just enough sun, just enough rain, if the seeds aren’t bad and the...

  24. Multiple Geekgasms

    They were even more heavily protected than Imperial stormtroopers, the unwieldy armor surprisingly effective against blaster fire. They were as big as Wookies, their masks the same inhuman grimace the Empire’s minions wore. The Masters had forese...

  25. Hard Time

    I have always had a hard time with death. When I was a boy, I caught a praying mantis and kept it in a plastic milk jug. Although it refused to eat, I kept feeding it crickets, even days after the praying mantis stopped moving. When my mother finally t...

  26. The will which says to them: "Hold on"

    When they heard the fire from inside sputter and fade, the natives rushed forward. Shouting Zulus swarmed through the brush, their spears clattering from the walls of the mission and sticking in the mealie bags reinforcing the perimeter. Inside the wal...

  27. Going After the Rustlers

    Johnny’s hands clenched into tight fists around the horse’s reins. He fought not to let the tears in his eyes drop, turning his face down so the old man in the saddle wouldn’t see. “You can’t go after them, grampa. This is...

  28. The Little Things

    To break the ice, she said, “So, did you ever kill a man just to watch him die?” He didn’t even have to think about it. “That’s actually the only reason I’ve ever killed a man.” She didn’t order an entree...

  29. The Song of Steel

    When even the buzzards had had their fill, and flew away slowly with red beaks, the old man still stood on legs like tree trunks, his white-maned head low between mighty shoulders. His armor, stained crimson, hung in tatters on his frame. The sword in ...

  30. The Ultimate Chronicle - Part 43

    The Autioviathan slumped back after the fight with Bismarck. Before it fell, it was caught in the poofy-sleeved arms of Marie Antoinette’s Autoviathan. Though Bismarck hung his mighty iron head, the forces of Mecha-Hitler swarmed over France. Who...

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