Numbers Game

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Your challenge is to write a fic about numbers.

You can interpret that concept as loosely as you want, involving numbers in the plot directly, or just hinting at a broader numerical theme. Any kind of number is allowed! It doesn’t have to be obvious, though whatever numbers you choose should be at the core of your fic. Don’t just throw in a brief mention of numbers to meet the requirement, and then take the story somewhere else. :-)

You’ve got two weeks! Get counting!

  • Started May 30th, 2009.
  • Ended June 13th, 2009.
  • Created by uselessness

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Challenge has ended

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  1. Avatar uselessness

    Yes. I wandered off. But can I get some credit for wandering back? IPNH’s story “Counting” wins! :-/

  2. Avatar TextMason

    Question – is this a really good effort at developing tension, or did the fair judge wander off?

    (Yeah, I know – I’m not even entered. I’m poking around the foundations of ficly, see what rattles.)

  3. Avatar uselessness

    Good question! I’ve been busy and it slipped my mind. Let me get back to you on that! :-)

  4. Avatar Pyropunk 51 (PPP LoA)

    who’s the winner?

  5. Avatar g²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    Hm… numbers, eh? Let’s see what we can do with this, shall we?

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