World Building Project: Steampunk Fantasy, from Robert Quick

Challenge Deadline: December 31st, 2021


Much like zxvasdf’s “un-challenge” this is not a challenge in the traditional sense. Instead this is an opportunity to work together with our fellow filcyteers to build a world and to populate it with people and stories. We are creating a shared universe where all of our characters exist and can cameo in other stories, partner up, or act as foils. For ideas check out the Thieves’ World and Wild Cards anthologies that do the same thing.

1. Any character can be used in any story
2. You may not kill off or permanently change another person’s characters without their permission (at the very least it’s impolite)
3. It is okay to alter perceptions of people and the world (since none of us see the exact same) but try not to completely alter the rules of the world. In other words: Be consistant! If we decide there are no gods, dragons, magic, aliens, psychics, lazers, resurrections, etc., then please don’t add them.

Please post characters, ideas, and discussions in the comment section.

Think you have what it takes to accept this challenge?



  1. Avatar HSAR

    Update for those who still care:
    There is a new (work still in progress) website at

  2. Avatar HSAR

    If anyone has ideas they’d like me to put up for everyone else to see, feel free to send me a note (or multiple notes).

  3. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Basically, all these ficlies fall under two categories.

    They are either set in Earthside or Otherside.

    This is where Earthside is obviously, the Earth and its countries and things.

    Otherside is connected to Earthside through the Main Fold which can be seen in

  4. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    As a continuation of the comment below:

    Avis E. Webb, Avis E. Webb’s Academy, Lessons At The Academy, Benthic Zone are all intertwined as having the same setting and also are mentioned by Airships and thus can be concluded to be Earthside and at least somewhat current with Airships, On Patrol, and Messenger.

    As for the few other entries I did not mention, I’m almost 100% certain that they can fit somewhere in the already intertwined world that there is.

  5. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    I do not want to seem crazy, but I don’t see this as very disjointed. Most of these series, if not all, have been linked in some way or another.

    All of the brothel threads are intertwined in what I’m assuming is Japan and/or Machina. These have been noted in Airships and possibly elsewhere that I am not aware of. They are all current with Airships, and even On Patrol.

    A Puntman in the City, is also on Earth, although I am not aware of the time frame on that one since it was never expanded.

    All of the threads that have to do with airships are linked by that fact at least. Airships, On Patrol do occur between Earthside and Otherside which was helped along by the ficly about Folds.

    New Tortuga, Airships, On Patrol, Investigations, Payload, Messenger, Audrey G. Burnett, and Stranded in Tortuga are all connected if not by time then by place and characters.

  6. Avatar 32 ^2

    I feel some of this is a bit too epic to start, I’m totally lost, but then again, I haven’t been active for awhile.

    I would like to suggest a character building challenge. Kind of a primer for challenges such as this. Us, as a community, can give birth to one unique character. The first part would be an entire story focusing on one feature, like the face. One could add blue eyes. One could add short hair. One could add blond hair. One could add freckles. One could decide age. One could decide the race. One could decide the life form….

    Basically, who, why, what, where, when and how.

  7. Avatar Robert Quick

    Honestly I think it is the inability to be consistently here that is the primary problem. Perhaps I should have lead the way- taken all the ideas that were generously donated to the cause and written a multi-part Ficly to show what I meant rather than hoping that collaboration would buoy us. Perhaps it’s not too late.

  8. Avatar Robert Quick

    Maybe someone else will pick up the (electric) torch in the next nine years.

  9. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    This has gone dead again, it seems. :/

  10. Avatar HSAR

    I would present the view that the world is large enough for each of us to have their own slice; as opposed to it being too big for coherency.

  11. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    I agree, Mr Quick. I think this world is too big to be coherent.

  12. Avatar Robert Quick

    Sir Bic- Some liberties may have been taken, but they were out of ignorance not deliberate change. I think we worked it out though.
    Jim- I’m happy that people come here at all. I keep meaning to start a smaller “universe” perhaps merely a city rather than two connected Universes but I never seem to get around to it.

  13. Avatar BiC

    All at once a flash of light filled the room. But unlike a bolt of lightning, it made no sound. And now a large shadowy figure stood were there was nothing a second earlier.

    “Looks like I’ve been gone an awful long time,” said Preacher Brown. “What ya’ll did with me, if anything, anyways?”

  14. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    I took a wee bit of liberty with a couple of things in ‘Payload’. I’d already had the idea for this story before I re-read through HSAR’s notes, which gave me the hook to retcon this series into that universe (or at least into a related one).

  15. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    You don’t have to if u din’t want but it WILL make it much easier to write in this if u do read it at least some of the stories. XD

  16. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Yowza. I’m definitely interested in this, but it looks like I need to do a hell of a lot of reading to catch up. :)

  17. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    If anybody needs a collaborator for a thread they want to start or something….. Send me a note!! :)

  18. Avatar HSAR

    Just trying to bring this to the attention of any who might be interested – there’s room for you!

    Whether you’d like to set your next series (or standalone Ficly) here, or you like worldbuilding and are wanting to contribute – we want you!

  19. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Aaaaand…….. Featured yet again!

  20. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Such flattery. Lol! I do believe I’m blushing. :P

    Yes, I’m back. HSAR has pulled me out from under my rock and I figure I quite enjoy being back. :)

  21. Avatar HSAR

    Princess BLT is a force of nature all on her own. I’m glad she’s back.

    Wednesday – I haven’t. Feel free to write something!

  22. Avatar Robert Quick

    Oh? What’s this? A tingling in my spine. I feel some unseen hands at work whilst I slept. I’m afraid to open my eyes- to wake and have everything disappear in an instant.

  23. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Two folds. Two places. Different version of earth.. There’s Earth-Side and there’s the ridiculously named…. Otherside.

  24. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Also, can I ask for clarification on the world set up? I’m still not sure if this is an Earth adaptation or not!

  25. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Also, has anyone thought about religion?

  26. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    What would everyone think if I spent some time this year forming all our threads into one super story?

  27. Avatar Robert Quick

    I’m gonna hold my breath until then (that’s how excited I am)!

  28. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    In a couple weeks I’m going to start writing again. I’m going to try and start a few threads and contact some of you about joining yours. Be warned.

  29. Avatar HSAR

    Third feature! We can do this!

  30. Avatar HSAR

    Not seeing much activity overall, to be honest. There was a time when the “most recent” list had a turnover of a few hours at best, but it’s looking like days right now.

  31. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Le sigh….

    No new participants….

  32. Avatar HSAR

    Don’t mind the formatting, I haven’t done much with it yet.

  33. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    HOOOOOOORAY! The link is up! :D

    You rock, HSAR!

  34. Avatar HSAR

  35. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    New Tortuga is in Setting II, btw. :)

  36. Avatar HSAR

    14 months after I wrote Setting I, Setting II is here – an abbreviated review of the three-way faction war of the On Patrol, Airships, Audrey G Burnett and Avis E Webb’s Academy series.

  37. Avatar memento

    I’m out there.

  38. Avatar Robert Quick

    Checking in. Anybody out there?

  39. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Avis E. Webb’s Academy is open for any ficlies if you have an idea for it! :)

  40. Avatar Robert Quick

    Well the invitation is still open, if anyone out there liked the ideas but was hesitant about joining!

  41. Avatar The Blacksmith

    Give it time. I’m going to introduce Captain Jaice Wilson, Douchebag of the skies next time I get a free chance.

  42. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Told ya we’d be bringing it back! XD

  43. Avatar HSAR

    Once again the featured challenge. She rises!

  44. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    I’d say the only character Imade with any sort of depth is Tetsuko in the Silk Lily stories.
    I agree that maybe the dream is too big, but for a little while it really worked!

  45. Avatar HSAR

    Size and scale are all relative. That said, I really love the world I have wrought with Rob Quick, and spend a lot of time thinking about it.

  46. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Alrighty then. :) I gotta say that this is a very large world but not a lot of people writing in it.

  47. Avatar Robert Quick

    More or less as many as you like. In the spirit of cooperation, I suggested we put our “main” characters here so that our characters could interact with other people’s characters. I think I dreamt too big. My next version of this challenge will be a MUCH smaller scale.

  48. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Names: Seth and Daniel Delamore
    Age: 16
    Description: The twins, Daniel and Seth, look exactly alike with platinum blonde hair, pale green eyes, skinny frames, 6’0”, and their giant biceps which shows their love of sports. The only way you can tell the difference between the two is that Daniel has a small silver earring in the shape of a knife in his left earlobe. They are 16 years of age although they have a characteristic of acting beyond their age when in times of crisis. This trait is especially manifested during exams. They attend Avis E. Webb’s Academy for Orphans.

  49. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Quick question: How many characters can we have?

  50. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Location: Avis E. Webb’s Academy for Orphans

    Description: Funded by several, unmentioned, countries to train orphans and street kids that are acquired into military people, spies, explorers, and other, ahem.. specialized careers.

  51. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Name: Elletra Fiamma
    Gender: Female
    Age: Somewhere between 15 and 18
    Background: Born in some Italian area to an English air Marshal and an Italian spy who wore a front as a famous clothes designer and seamstress.

    Ran away on a smuggling band’s airship when she was twelve and has traveled Europe with several different people, picking up street skills from different “mentors” and such.

    Has impeccable style and taste but usually travels around, simply looking for something to entertain her, get her in trouble, or a reason to stay in one place.

  52. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Since I don’t write magic, all stories I put in here will be strictly science fiction. :) I’d GREATLY appreciate it if you wouldn’t use my characters in magical stories. Grazie mille!

  53. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Awesome! I’m thinking of starting off some new threads.

  54. Avatar The Blacksmith

    I just want to thank you guys. This challenge inspired my College Graded Unit game, which is called Sky Pirate Wilson and the Search for Something in the Sky. Cheers guys! :D

  55. Avatar Kihd

    Holy Hell. I remember when this challenge was first posted. That was such a good day, just in general. June 3rd, 2011. I don’t know how time has passed so quickly.

  56. Avatar Robert Quick

    Let me assure everybody, if you come with an idea or love of steampunk or even just a love of a world craft, please join us! We could use you!

  57. Avatar madiloveszombies

    I may join this challenge. Unsure whether to or not, haha.

  58. Avatar memento

    I decided to join the fun. This is the highest level of community participation I’ve ever seen, and it cannot be passed up. In regards to setting consistency, I worked with what I could glean from this conversation. Early twentieth century steampunk/alt-tech is my personal preference for this universe, but it seems few things are thoroughly fixed yet. Looking forward to everyone’s continuing work!

  59. Avatar Robert Quick

    I stopped posting here as much because PJ told me it was overrunning everything.

  60. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Because one day I do want to get this out here. I want to finish this. I feel like this is a project that we can’t let slip forever.

  61. Avatar HSAR

    This is very scary. I was about to search for this and there it was, right there on the main “Challenges” page.

    I’m looking forward to reading the work that’s gone on!

  62. Avatar 32 ^2

    I never knew this was here! Yeah!

  63. Avatar Robert Quick

    Huzzah! I’ve been working on some of these still. I apologize for anyone’s entries that were overlooked. The stories that are currently being worked on and can be used as setting material are “The Silk Lily” “Setting I/On Patrol” and I am still working on “The Last Reunion”. If I missed someone please let me know.

    New Characters/Places/Stories are welcome!

  64. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    I’m starting this up again. No pressure.

  65. Avatar Welsh Mullet


  66. Avatar Robert Quick

    Sir Bic- Do you mind if we make Preacher Brown a Major? Not so much now, but back in his mercenary days?

  67. Avatar Riley

    Oh darn.. Wrong comment… I thought a certain one was under mine… I meant the very long Robert Quick comment.. >> Fail on my part.. Quite sorry.

  68. Avatar Riley

    I like the idea underneath this comment. I had to do a report like that in class once. It was…Interesting, to say in the least. But the way I roll is, (Please excuse my crude expression..) I always write from an animals point-of-view. That’s just how I operate. To be honest, I don’t know how that could fit, but with some help I’m sure we could. (Yes, I know that sounds super self-centered, but I REALLY want to join this challenge…)

    Help? :)

  69. Avatar neil kant

    Well, I’m going to have it such that my protagonist realizes what he’s stolen is what instigated the fold…. and play with that.

  70. Avatar Robert Quick

    No problem, and welcome Neil! I like the folds, does the average person know about them? Or just those explorers who brave the deep dark areas of the world?

  71. Avatar neil kant

    I kind of riffed on Sanglorian’s idea of folds and wrote my first challenge contribution. It was fun. Looking forward to more.

  72. Avatar JayDee

    Name: The Rippers
    Tags: Organisation – Criminal – Pyschopathic
    Description: Led by a man known only as Jack, these madmen seem to kill for reasons known only to them. Usually, their victims are prostitutes, but there have been instances of other murders. The bodies are always ritually disfigured, which could indicate that the deaths are being used to fuel some form of dark magic.

  73. Avatar The Blacksmith

    Also, another thought (sorry for spamming the smeg out of the place), if we’re creating a whole world, we’re going to need backstory. So I propose, we write said backstory. Obviously title the stories with an appropriate heading (something like Lore: 1219, Death of Magic). Anyway, see y’all later!

  74. Avatar The Blacksmith

    I do like that idea. The thought of us all working together on a large-scale story event every now and then in the universe is very appealing. What if we all agreed on the outcome beforehand (e.g Europe lose WWII) and then write it as we go.

  75. Avatar Robert Quick

    I had another idea- based on the other anthologies previously mentioned. All the stories (and their sequels/prequels) we have so far are like our book 1: exploring the world. At a point that would be determined in the future we could have themed stories or specific events. For example, Book 2 might be WWII and how our characters fit in, survived, and how WWII was changed with steampunk tech and magic… and you could just put in the tag Book 2: WWII or something. What do folks think about that?

  76. Avatar Jessica Cahill


  77. Avatar Robert Quick

    Amen, PJ! Amen!

  78. Avatar The Blacksmith

    Now that’s settled, I can finally unleash my idea! Woooo…

  79. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Also, keep an eye on the fashion :) Most steampunk colour schemes are either entirely sepia or bordering on cyberpunk. Also there’s a huge thing about kimono and outlandish geisha-style make-up.

  80. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Alright, it looks like most people favour a mix of all three. So here’s my proposal. World War One has just ended with Europe in ruin, and Africk and Oriental powers have come to play, making money all over the world. The US did not come into the war, which is why Europe is now smoking, and thus don’t levy the same amount of power as in our reality.
    Throughout WW1, Japanese and German scientists created lasers powered by coal and clockwork (to adhere to the fantasy side of things) and portals were found to a world in a different universe that has somehoe landed in the same place (like if anyone has seen a recent Doctor Who episode where a ship was in the same place geographically as a pirate ship yada yada).
    Anyway, due to these new powers, new continents and countries are laid out. Africa is divided into two, and Japan and China form their own empires intertwining with each other, the borders of which are always fighting.
    Can I get an ‘Amen’ if you agree.

  81. Avatar Robert Quick

    I am not super invested in anything but I assure that England exists in some form. I had sort of thought when I was writing my stories that a) WWI was where things got weird, steam punky and fantasy was accepted. I feel like we stand on the brink of WWII except things have changed, but like I said I don’t care per se, except to get something semi-concrete down just for a point of reference.

  82. Avatar Welsh Mullet

    Surely it’s better to break off at WW1, that way things stay closer to victorian.

    Is this based on an alternate earth then?
    I want to participate, but it relies on an alter-england existing.

  83. Avatar H.S. Wift

    @Blacksmith: I don’t think it’s set around WW2, just that WW2 was the turning point, and things went differently, resulting in an altered present.

  84. Avatar The Blacksmith

    Another thought crossed my mind. If it is going to be set around the time of WW2, then obviously religion would be a huge thing (not many Atheists freely walking about in them days).

    Just a thought.

  85. Avatar Sanglorian

    I like The Blacksmith’s suggestion. Perhaps the world has folds, just out of time and space. Sometimes you walk along that cobblestone path and find yourself in El Dorado; other times it peters out in the jungle beside an acid lake. Atlantis sits deep in a fold, progressing more slowly than the Known World. But there are ways to it, of course, and ways out.

  86. Avatar JayDee

    My vote lies with the Blacksmith’s solution. As long as no one writes anything outrageously intrusive to the nature of the world, we can fit things in as they are written.

    Surely we can figure out a way that London, Sky Pirates and Lanthar all fit together as we go.

  87. Avatar The Blacksmith

    What if you take a concoction of all three?

    For example, say it’s set on Earth. But an Earth 3 times as large. You have the known areas of our actual world, but a vast uncharted world. Areas uncharted due to marauding beasts or what not. Then you can have your sky cities/islands/whatever, where the richer live, while the poorer stay on the ground.

    So, with that you could have familiar places (e.g London) and new places we can mould on our own.

    Just an idea.

  88. Avatar Sir Bic

    “I don’t mean to sound caviler about this,” prefaced Preacher Brown. “I understand that having a world before beginning to write can help bring a focus to the characters, but on the other hand, the characters when written, will build their own world. Much the same way we have built ours.”

    “So you’re not going to pick then?” Nikita asked heatedly.

    “I’m not sure I should impose on the creativity of my fellow writers, my dear friend. You see, just as we see each other’s characters in a different light and will write about them as we see fit, each of our characters has a unique view of their world as well.”

    “So that’s it then? You’ll just not say anything?”

    “My dear Nikita, I think I’ve said quite enough – for now.”


  89. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Seems pretty split right now. I’m gonna yell at people to cast votes but right now it’s like
    one for (A) but with elements of the other two mixed in
    one for (A) with elements of just (B) mixed in
    one for a mix of (B) and ©

    This is all very complicated.

  90. Avatar zxvasdf

    I could see a multi-layered narrative going on there, with the whores, the pirates and the others, with each occasionally touching upon the other.

  91. Avatar The Blacksmith

    Name: Bleeding Comet
    Tags: Transportation – Sky-Pirate Ship – Magical
    A former Empire ship, stolen by Varren Welkos. It has been outfitted with magical turbines allowing great speeds. It has a huge energy cannon stored in its hull which takes vast amounts of energy to cause immense damage.
    Crew: Captain – Varren Welkos
    First Mate – Darien Bloodbane
    DemonSword – Bardos Meris

  92. Avatar The Blacksmith

    Name: Varren Welkos
    Tags: Villain – religious fanatic
    Varren was a former Knight of the British Empire. He fought in two Wars, losing his left eye in the first, and was rewarded with a dishonourable discharge. Soon after he founded ‘The Church of The Nine,’ a religion devoted to nine beings that resemble the arcane symbols. Him and his followers command a fearful airship, that wages a religious war witht he world.

    Special Features:
    Mage – Varren is proficient with Magic, especially when in his meditative state. He is specialised in Earth and Ice magic, wielding them more easily than others.

  93. Avatar H.S. Wift

    Put me down for (A), but in the sort of way that allows magic, aethyrships and sky pirates to still exist.

  94. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    @Miss Cahill I have started to develop the whorehouse wars :P

    I want to know what is the final say on the actual world we are living in?
    Should we hold a vote?
    You can all send your votes to me or post them here (although I feel like that would be cluttered). I only volunteer myself as vote-master as I have no real preference.

    The ideas seem to be:
    A) a post-WW2 world with an entirely different outcome, which is connected by portals to a more magical world (which, I assume, only one side knows about)
    B) colonised space by aethyrships and sky pirates. A ‘higher sky’.
    C) a completely different universe, as has started to be laid out by Shu Sam Chen here:

    Let me know because I want to get this set down more concrete before the stories are even further developed.

  95. Avatar Robert Quick

    Whatever’s good for you. At this point I’m happy with whatever gets people writing… Also it was nice to see that Cabbi is getting her own story.

  96. Avatar Jessica Cahill

    Nobody here but us whores (high class and otherwise).

    In other news, I had an idea on the way home from work tonight. Mother Rose stories are almost always going to start out with her taking a client. I could do the set up, and see what sequels come of them.

    I’d start each thread separately here, so they wouldn’t get lost in sequel limbo.

    Does that sound like something that’d be workable?

  97. Avatar Robert Quick

    Where did all the support go?

  98. Avatar H.S. Wift

    Azure sky – crew edit.
    JETHRO Stark

    Red Knight – description edit
    Steampunk SUPERHERO

  99. Avatar H.S. Wift

    Name: Sha’hram R’kash
    Tags: Troll – Retired Warrior – Barkeep
    A large, emerald coloured troll, renowned for many feats of his past, including the crucial role he played in the Centaur Wars and his sterling work in forminge UMC, or Union of Magical Creatures, and working out a lasting alliance with the human race. Now he runs a multi-race tavern called the Toothy Grin.
    Special Features:
    Troll – Trolls have long, muscular limbs and several large teeth. Their claws are as long as an adult human femur, and they have four on each hand or foot. Their ears are long and hard at the tip, and if impaled by one, poison will be secreted into your body.
    Daunting Opponent – At full height, trolls stand eleven feet tall.

  100. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Well, I think I like your idea, mostly because I’m the one being bombarded with the notice of comments.

    But similarly, there is a thing that this is quite a nice place to store everything. And if everyone posted comments on these stories they would go up the Active list and displace genuine stories.

  101. Avatar Robert Quick

    I don’t know if this will help or hinder but I had another idea. What if we made a story entitled ‘World Building Project: People’ and then put all of our dramatis personae in there. Everyone could add their characters as comments. Then we could have another for Places, Things, and so on, so that we could have a sort like mini-catalog. Or do you like this friendly clutter we’ve created?

  102. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Even I look forward to the girl fight :)

  103. Avatar H.S. Wift

    Name: Azure Sky
    Tags: Transportation – Sky-Pirate Ship – Magical
    The Azure Sky is a magically enchanted Pirate Ship. It soars through the sky, bearing Captain Nikita Voshilov and her infamous crew to all corners of the atmosphere, provided that atmospheres have corners. With three masts and seven sails, it can reach up to eighty knots. So awesome is this ship, that adorning the captain’s cabin is a tricorne, made from wood. This ship has no delusions of honest work.
    Crew: Captain Nikita Voshilov
    First Mate Jefro Stark
    1st Broadsword Kilik “Nightmare” Fez
    1st Rapier Raphael Zorroe

  104. Avatar Robert Quick

    @Pandorica- That’s my fault, I hadn’t seen that Shu Sam Chen had started the world. I always think of Steam Punk as an “Earth” thing because of the victorian attachment but it doesn’t have to be. If I may be so bold, we can do a couple of things without causing too much confusion. A) Our alternate history world is linked by a series of portals (magic) to another place, B) The aethyrships (spaceships) have found/colonized parts of space. It isn’t an empty cold vacuum its a higher sky, C) I can bone up and fix mistakes. Anyone have druthers?
    @ HS- For some reason warring brothels is almost always the first staple… girl fight!

  105. Avatar Jessica Cahill

    Notes on The Garden:

    Those named after flowers are the highest class courtesans. They pick the clients, and are paid the most .

    Those with herb names are middling class. They serve the wealthy clientele that cannot afford flowers.

    Those with vegetable names are the low class “hookers”. They are still paid well, and receive the same safety as the higher classes, and some can move through the ranks if they show the ability to serve higher clientele.

  106. Avatar H.S. Wift


    Yeah, stuff is happenning now, with things that relate to other things and stuff.

    Also, @PJ, by “Hidden Blade”, are we talking Assassin’s Creed style, or even more appropriately, a concealed weapon?

  107. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    So are we set on the world? Is it post-war Earth or are we going to develop Lanthar?

    Also, I’m going to sketch out a map once we decide what the world is, and then upload it. Whenever new bits are added I’ll update it.

  108. Avatar Jessica Cahill

    Names: Dandelion and Honeysuckle
    Tags: The Garden-Twins-Exclusive Clientele

    The Twins of The Garden do not have a large clientele, the few people to seek them for a night have very special needs and very deep pockets.

    Mother Rose found them when they were just six years old, and raised them to be whatever they wanted. When old enough they asked to learn about the pleasure house and found they were uniquely suited to the work.

    Mother Rose treats all of her “darlings” well, which is why they stay, but the Twins she loves like her own children.

  109. Avatar Sir Bic

    Name: Eugene “Preacher” Brown
    Tags: machinist, ex-mercenary, shop owner.

    Preacher Brown is a quiet, tall, dark and mysterious man who ducks and walks sideways through doorways. Although his body displays a myriad of muscles, he’s a humble man and never brags about his accomplishments.
    It lines like, ‘It’s not what a man says, but it’s what a man does that makes him great.’ that have lead to him being referred to as a “Preacher”. In fact, he’s a moral compass of sorts to the patrons who visit his shop. He doesn’t wear a backward collar, just a simple pair of faded-grey overalls.
    He’s a master machinist and works tirelessly in constructing useful machinery for the betterment mankind. Firus Green and others think he’s a bit nuts because of the “time-compass” contraption he dotes around. A gold-plated gift given to him by his grandpa, who said, ‘it’ll show you da way son, but it don’t always point north’. He says it’s the helm-piece of a steam-powered time machine he claims to be building in his spare time.

  110. Avatar Robert Quick

    I have complete faith in all of us. Foward ho!

  111. Avatar HSAR

    Robert – I guess we’ll make it up as we go along, it’ll be fine right?

  112. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))


    Name: The Silk Lily

    Tags: Location — Okiya — Brothel

    Run by power-hungry Okasan, Yuki Inoue (written in the Western way), this okiya trains its geiko to assassinate for patrons, as well as to please them. Yuki has a bitter rivalry with Madame Rose, who takes much of the Silk Lily’s baser customers.

    Patrons: Baron von Kerzt, a regular, uses all of the Silk Lily’s services.
    Jhen Hataki, wife of a prominent businessman and closet lesbian.
    Workers: Misuhana, the principle geiko, real name Marianne. Sold to Yuki at birth and trained her whole life. After being trusted enough to leave the Silk Lily, she now spends the daylight hours in the company of a lover, John Whyte.

    Special Features: Fifteen secret passages lead to all corners of the city. Each doorway has a hidden blade concealed somewhere in its structure. The majority of the Silken Lily is situated under the principle building’s neighbours, without their knowledge.

  113. Avatar H.S. Wift

    Me and PJ are designing a crew of pirates. We compromised that she would design the captain and I would design the ship, and then we’d contribute to the rest of the crew. Stay tuned, the Endeavour, an all too cliché ship name, will sail shortly.

  114. Avatar Robert Quick

    Great ideas everybody! Keep them rolling in. Also, I think we have a decent base to begin writing. Shu Sam Chen has already broken the ice…

  115. Avatar Jessica Cahill

    Name: Mother Rose
    Tags: Madame-Unlikely Heroine

    Mother rose runs The Garden, a network of pleasure houses that cater to…well…everything, as long as you can pay. And sometimes the price isn’t hard currency. Mother Rose is a minor mage, who appears to have the uncanny ability to know what a person needs, rather than what they want.

  116. Avatar H.S. Wift

    Name: Acropolis Academy – Schools for Magically Capable Individuals
    Tags: Location – Magic – School – Hogwarts rip-off?
    More akin to a magical university, Acropolis’ campus is divided into eight schools, matching the eight ‘nice’ schools of magic: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Frost, Energy, Life and Light. The schools of black magic, chaos magic and demonology are ommitted, as they breed discontent among the peoples of the world. Upon arrival, young mages are tested for their birth element, and divided into a ‘major’ school of magic which will determine residence in the school. Students then learn as many other schools as they wish, submitting for a certain nmber of hours of each per week. More gifted mages could learn all magics, whilst lazier wizards might opt to learn just the one. This is the place for all mages to learn their true power.
    Special Features: Although shown on many maps, you cannot find the Acropolis unless guided by a mage.

  117. Avatar H.S. Wift


    This means there is a chance for every born child to have magic, and then become a mage. As tribal power had become prominent in Africa, they revered magic, and began training mages and reaching out to magical creatures. In England, they began using magic for wars. Their battlemages allowed them to conquer the entire of Europe, the middle East and Egypt. They then focused on using magics to restore the ancient cultures of Greece and Egypt. The Germans and UAA refrained from attacking and reclaiming their lands, as they respected the restoration of the great civilisations. Mages from all over the land would come to these two countries to learn and be trained. Some tribal mages believed that the strongest would one day ascend to become the Old Gods, and this has now become the prominent religion on Earth.

    Just a few ideas.

  118. Avatar H.S. Wift


    With the eastward expansion of the UAA, Korea comes under threat. The nation pulls together and repels the invaders, and then launches a counterattack on the UAA and the German alliance, successfully capturing the entire of China. They then continue the great wallm building a twenty foot stone fence. They are now slowly trying to advance to the level of technology in Africa, behind their walls. With all of Asia now under either Korean, German or Arab control, the other two factions began focusing on technological improvement as well, but they tried bartering with the Africans. The Earth, sensing the rapid increase in the consumption of its resources, tries to counteract the change, by permeating magic into the world. Initially, this serves only to create ents across the world, but then it affected other things. Riders became centaurs if caught in a magic storm. The dead might rise. And most importantly, by infiltrating water supplies, it got into mankind’s DNA.

  119. Avatar H.S. Wift

    On the altered history front:

    The way I see it, with an ultimate ceasefire reached, the empires would break down, causing revolution across the world, and international independence. The United Arab Alliance forms and begins conquering Asia, in a constant turf war with the German empire. The north-African Berbers and the sub-saharan tribes initiate a tribal war which lasts twenty three years, causing a massive increase in the demand for technology in Africa. After the war reaches a ceasefire, Africa is reformed as three countries, Egypt (part of the United Arab Alliance), Sahara and Africa. Algiers, the capital of Sahara, and Nairobi, the capital of Africa, become the new technology centers of the world. The Saharans master solar power while the Africans master biofuel, ending Global Warming before Al Gore mentioned it.

    That’s all I got for now. Let me know what you think.

  120. Avatar H.S. Wift

    OK, my turn.

    Name: Maxi Quolhoun “The Red Knight”
    Tags: Hero – Vigilante – Spellsword
    A steampunk supergero, clad in red armour, embellished with golden trim. You’d think that he was in the wrong genre if not for the telescopic left eye in his face and the steam-powered left forearm beneath his gauntlet. He’s armed to the teeth, not with guns, but with a pair of swords on his back, a longsword at his hip, and a dagger and crossbow hanging from his belt.
    Special Features:
    Daunting Opponent – The Red Knight is a large, muscular man who can intimidate anyone. He doesn’t use guns, and that only makes him even more fearsome.
    Mage – Maxi can use magics, and to great effect. He is an expert in the school of fire, and in shapechanging. He need not worry about a secret identity as he can change his face to conceal it.

    Is that what we’re meant to do? And now I just wait a day, and if no one objects to anything, I write a ficly going into greater detail?

  121. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Oh, but I’d have thought if we were setting this in the real world we’d want to do a more kinf od neo-Victorian thing.

  122. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    The Axis continued to expand their empire into Asia under the leadership of Hitler?

    And Spain stayed docile.

    What about the British Empire? Is it still dissolved?

  123. Avatar HSAR

    I actually had no idea this was going to be set on Earth. Let me retcon my “setting” story.

    My suggestion – Japan never took out Pearl Harbour. America never invented the atomic bomb, and a ceasefire was called since both sides were too evenly matched. Everybody felt threatened by America since they were weakened by the fighting.

    The European ministates fell to warring and are still lawless, while England, France and Italy (the Allies) took a pre-emptive strike against America.

    Germany and the Axis… I have no idea. This is harder than it seems…

  124. Avatar Robert Quick

    Unleash your imaginations!

  125. Avatar Robert Quick

    Pandorica it’s not boring, we just have to make it up as we go. I don’t even know what time period we are in yet. Maybe somewhere around the turn of the century. Since we have airships WWI will probably play more like WWII- if we get that far.

    Dominant Powers: England, America, France and Spain? (Need discussion and history buffs)

    More resources’s_Dragon

  126. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    This may be boriung to most people, but what about the politics of the world?>

  127. Avatar HSAR

    Name: Firus Green – “Firus”
    Tags: Mechanic – Pilot – Guide – Smuggler
    Firus spent his early years at an airship repair yard, designing the lighter-than-air systems that keep them up. The conditions were harsh and after building himself an airship in secret, Firus sailed his way out and off towards adventure. He’s been everywhere and seemingly done everything, and come back to look for more.
    Special Features: Knows a lot about the world. Has a thousand stories to tell about his adventures. Has a small airship with various smuggling add-ons.

  128. Avatar Robert Quick

    Name: the Ashen Warlord
    Tags: Warrior – Dictator – Villain
    In the savage central Americas, the Ashen Warlord is a mobile unit of terror and destruction. He is said to be more than a man, claims to be a reborn god sent to punish the Earth. Although he is claiming followers and victims at an alarming rate, the major powers dismiss him due to the fact that it is in the “low” lands.
    Special Features
    Said to be a man of immense size and strength
    Burns bodies of his victims and collects the ashes for an unknown purpose
    Never stays in once place

  129. Avatar Robert Quick

    Name: “Calamity” Sam Townsend
    Tags: Sharpshooter – Hero -Unlucky
    Calamity Sam is a good bounty hunter that almost always brings back his quarry alive. It’s not his fault that things just go wrong sometimes. Are the rumors true? Is it a family curse, or is he just unlucky?
    Special Features:
    Wears lots of lucky tokes trying to find the right one that will ward off his bad luck
    Saw a ghost once
    Knows how to survive in harsh conditions (snow, desert, jungle)

  130. Avatar Robert Quick

    Name: The Goblin’s Grin
    Tags: Location – Seedy – Bar
    Under the streets is a bar where people go for more than just drinks. Unfriendly (black) magic is in the air and available- for a price.
    Patrons: Stiggs (Main bartender), Inkstain (drunk)
    Special Features: Has living shadows as bouncers that hide on the ceiling until trouble starts.

  131. Avatar Robert Quick

    Yes the characters belong to you, they all just in exist in the same stable- as do the locations, movements and organizations. If I create Krista, a poor Russian immigrant that doesn’t speak much English, she may show up in someone else’s police story in jail for panhandling or prostitution. If you see a character that would be perfect to act as a villain, competitor, love interest, best friend for your character- go for it! If you have specific questions about how someone else’s character might act/react/or qualities it might have then send a note. I’d like to encourage more communication between authors.

  132. Avatar HSAR

    Just going to set things rolling a bit, see what crops up.

  133. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Unless it’s a collaborated story, we own characters. I think that’s what Mr Quick meant when he said
    “You may not kill off or permanently change another person’s characters without their permission (at the very least it’s impolite)”
    Basically, you put the work into that charcter, so it’s yours.

  134. Avatar H.S. Wift

    Umm, if we’re doing steampunk, I reckon anti-lazers might be a good idea. The beauty of steampunk is the alternate take on technology, being awesome with more simplistic, steam powered kit, so I reckon we should cut off the lazers. Maybe you could still have fantasy creatures and magic though. Just a few ideas.

  135. Avatar HSAR

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to have some discussion on the world itself, to fill in some of the general backdrop before we start going into details?

  136. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    So what was tossed around in zxvasdf’s challenge was a Steampunk-Fantasy world.
    Robert asked everyone to think of 1-3 characters (or, I’d say, character groups, if for example a certain gang or sibling set had their own storyline.)

    Begin the discussion.

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