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“For creative Fantasy is founded upon the hard recognition that things are so in the world as it appears in under the sun; on a recognition of fact, but not a slavery to it” ~J. R. R. Tolkien


Flower in Stone
Metal Flesh and Brittle Bone
Wandering Poet missing home.
Amused on a short fuse and never myself alone
This is just me trying to stay in the zone:
A writing side rarely shown
Me – RoseTone


  1. Sweet Prince

    A cold wet spear of panic lanced sideways through my chest, forcing me onto an equal plane with the damp evening grass. “… and we’re at the hospital now.” My voice was a clenched squeak. “What?” As much a plea to hav...

  2. As it turns

    Empty nothings, bittersweet, crowded my mouth. I called up a dumb moment from our past, wincing, but she laughed. She did the same. We’re stalling for time. Does she hope I’ll say it? No, she’s not that naive. Neither one of us can, b...

  3. to acquiesce in blood

    Would you understand if I couldn’t explain If words were held back, and cradled in pain Would you loose my bound tongue and listen again, Or leave me in flames where the sky gives no rain? If the notes of a song could not, my soul, express Would ...

  4. A Willing Hand

    Shadow, you who often haunt my dreams
 With tearless regrets and burdens unnumbered Soft dark locks bowed, with cares encumbered
 Who fill bleak grey autumn with trembling screams
 I would let solace into your betrayal seared heart
 And prove t...

  5. Constriction

    Thoughts pounding through astounded veins, surround concepts abstract and plain Blunt forces behind the eyes leaving balance traumatized and depth confined to inches Light sears shoulderblades and ears, a touch colder, a fist bolder, hammering the skul...

  6. Taken: Absent Minded

    The old dwelling loomed before me, a gaunt beast, starving and rotten. I know not how long I stood, lost in horrified awe of the unearthly changes that had befallen the home I hardly now recognized. My contemplation was thankfully interrupted by the ap...

  7. Warning Averted

    Tara, Don’t go home tonight – your father has been drinking again. Your younger brother is spending the night at his friend Jared’s house. The neighbors say he’s been yelling and throwing things. Go over to Lydia’s house &...

  8. While We Can Still Talk

    “It’s astonishing that they can move those bulbous bodies so quickly on such gangly limbs. They hunt in packs, swarming an area until they detect life. There’s no barrier that can truly stop them – only perhaps slow them enough ...

  9. Descendants

    He wasn’t wearing a shirt. Scars wrapped his slender chest, a crisscross layer of disfigured tissue. Frail hands, raw from an excruciating existence, lifted up – a lighthouse of experience. Thin voice wavered, but never ceased. Hepaused to ...

  10. Taken: The Scent of Memory

    A treacherous gust of wind extinguished my light with a hiss. As I returned the aged timepiece to my coat pocket I caught a scent that immediately roused a memory from 6 years earlier, the day an old withered ship’s captain visited my then living...

  11. Watcher

    I thought I should tell you, I was there last night. And I saw what you did.

  12. Taken: A Draft of Air

    It was not a house of any repute, but it had suited my ailing father, before his unfortunate departure from mortality, and it had suited me. Beyond that the urgent, cryptic post from my sister had demanded – no, begged a hasty return. The busines...

  13. Beyond These Walls

    Coughing smoke and blood, she stumbled into a culvert. A glance behind was accompanied by a prayer that she hadn’t been followed. Firemen were probably just arriving at the complex – her escape would be unconfirmed until they gained control...

  14. Different Take (With Winslow's Permission)

    The projector sits defunct Its archaic Haunches fit where the floor is slumped In design more like a fine steampunked Metal mosaic Less like a sculpture verklempt Or the thought of a mechanic stumped Rather a riddle debunked In steel

  15. Almost

    She sat, quiet and alone – the faint glow of a computer screen illuminating her worn features. Some said the world would end today, others said it was just beginning. A TV evangelist last Sunday had claimed both. Fingers deftly pecked out the fam...

  16. Swiftly Given Death of Emotion

    Burning, robbing Breaking trust The adamantine heart dreams Not quite dying – yet lost. The antithesis of hate This frostwork flame feeds On secondhand songs – and sleeps, Not yet dead – but dying. Cold blow the winter words That wrap...

  17. Removed

    Beat your own path wherever But stay away from me Leave me alone – leave forever Just stay away from me I wish I could forget you Though I’m bound beyond my choice I never want to see you Or even again hear your voice If you had ever ...

  18. Damian's Rant

    Do you recall the start? Heartless and humble Always in trouble There’s no hope here Just a wingspan of fear For a frozen black heart. If you had been there Would you have tried to stop me? Breaking the fall, breaking it all Breaking me as I go down ...

  19. Have Done

    Alone, awake, and one day late Tryin’ to find another way To build a bridge and make you stay Sweat and toil the price I pay Just to fail and watch you walk away Alone, asleep, in sorrow deep Tryin to find another dream To cover scars in a softer...

  20. Under Fire

    “Telic, cover!” I dashed out from behind the barrels, the explosion of gunfire behind me confirmation he was taking to heat for now. Quick hop over a crumbling wall, down a bit further, crouching – significantly more protection than t...

  21. Goodnight Star

    I’d write it out as a song But I tend to fail at chords and keys I’d try it in a poem then Nothing trite, like “birds and bees” But then you’d probably never read it. Goodnight Star I’ll miss your light I’m goi...

  22. Broken Half

    There was light – that meant they were near an exit. She reaches a trembling hand, held back by the barrier of her own terror. The blood is no longer pulsing, rather it seeps from his face, his eyes, out of his ear. “He’s dead.”...

  23. Trash-out (Mature)

  24. Three deaths (Mature)

  25. Reunion

    I didn’t mean to break the door, but careful wasn’t gentle enough. The old barrier – rusted hinges, broken lock – fell into the room, sending a cloud of dust into the air. Inhale and remember, the fragrance of memories assaults ...

  26. New to the Mic.

    Well the mic was open But I’m not up here hoping To call ya’ll out And win the bout Ya know, cause a rout I’m just tippin’ out a rhyme If ya’ll winners got time (and it ain’t a crime for me drop a line) RoseTone̵...

  27. My Sweet Anesthetic (Mature)

  28. 15 Words: Part 28

    That was when, holding the Kevlar vest like a trophy, she stumbled into the bar.

  29. To Show You My Heart

    The non-understanding was killing me. Again. “I don’t get it – what the hell are you thinking? I hate doing it, but I couldn’t let this happen. “Alright… let me show you…” Closing my eyes, trying to hide ...

  30. Discovered, Understood, Implemented

    As I peruse around The numbers I see astound, Correct, cajole, compel, command: “Comment continually! Keep it coming!” Chastised, I commit to carefully (if I can) Keeping a consciously crafted Comment-to-story ratio Well fitting with Ficly...

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