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  1. Dead Inside (Mature)

  2. Writers Block!


  3. Yup! Zombies...

    Nobody was prepared for this. I mean, how could you right? I had read some survival guides as a kid on hunting and foraging in the woods but…fucking zombies bro? Now understand. This isn’t your classic George Romero zombie apocalypse movie....

  4. Year Zero

    The War had been over for months now. Most of civilization had faded to ash after the first bombs were dropped leaving roughly half of the world either contaminated and infected or unphased. I was one of the latter. It was kinda like the lights went ou...

  5. Jameson

    I pull into my driveway exhausted after doing my 3rd ten hour shift in a row. Man my job sucks. I trudge mindlessly like a zombie into my house and set everything down on the kitchen table. Suddenly, the sound of little quick-stepped feet reverberate t...

  6. My Life For His

    It would probably go like this: It comes to me in a dream. I’m shrouded in darkness and it’s devoid of any sound. A voice says to me. “His life for yours.” "What?’’ I answer. Again the voice says " His ...

  7. The Summit (Mature)

  8. In Thy Wake

    I walk among You, watching and waiting. At times I’m beside You, always anticipating. You go about Your lives, often blind and groping. Never quite knowing, but with heart forever hoping, Whether young whether old, one day You shall see. Although...

  9. I Am Raziel

    Seeing as I’m a fantasy geek and sci-fi nerd, I sometimes dabble in the videogaming arts. I love the ability to immerse myself into another world or reality if just for a while. That being said, In the late 90’s a game came out called The L...

  10. Sum of All Fears Day!

    On this particular day, everyone gets to do whatever it is they want to do. You can imagine some of the interesting things that would come up but….CAN YOU IMAGINE THE OUTCOME???

  11. Rule of Adulthood #7

    Doing what needs to be done in life no matter what it takes does’nt always need to be illegal.

  12. He Is My Son

    He gives me strength. He gives me purpose. He brings me joy. He’s the reason I wake up in the morning and why I get the little rest I need to do it all again. He is my son. I will protect him from the evil in this world. I will stand in in the w...

  13. Lost Sock Memoirs

    I can remember way back when, as a child I had the privelaged distinction of rocking the mismatched tube sock combo! Unfortunately for me no one in my days at school felt the same type of childlike innocence as I did so naturally I was picked on. Now y...

  14. The March Home

    Raziel gathered what was left of his massive clan and prepared them for the long march back to their clan territory. He marched at the head of one of the three columns, the standard post-war formation that all of Kain’s generals assembled their respe...

  15. The Beginning

    He stood on top of the mountain, looking down at the army amassed before him. They stood there, gathered in what seemed to be a battle formation. To him they were a herd of carrion. A smile formed across his lips, revealing the sharp teeth and elongate...

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