So Many Stories....Under One Title!

This challenge has ended!

I was just browsing the stories here on Ficly, and a thought came upon me. Each Ficly has a title, as you already know. And each story is unique. But I was just pondering on the ambiguity of each title.

So, the challenge. I challenge you to write any story, whatever it is, but it must have this title:
You Don’t Always Need Protection =D

Don’t include the smiley face if you don’t wish to.

Have fun!

Think you have what it takes to accept this challenge?


Challenge has ended


  1. Avatar TextMason

    Hey – while we gingerly await a win determination on this one, anyone know why the grid of entrants shows Again St.?

  2. Avatar StudMuffin (LoA)

    Wait, who won?

  3. Avatar One Time, One Chance

    I didn’t enter myself, but it was really neat to sift through all the entries – good work from everyone!
    Nice challenge, PBBT!

  4. Avatar ReynoldsEco

    Mine’s dirty, but the title doesn’t kick in til the story ends.

  5. Avatar Mona

    Mine is the opposite of dirty. In fact, it’s so fluffy, it might as well be in the spin cycle of a washing machine.

  6. Avatar StudMuffin (LoA)

    Whoops. Mine is like… uber dirty

  7. Avatar Nancy

    I wonder if OrangeOreos had the same thought I did…

  8. Avatar OrangeOreos (LoA)

    I’m sorry, PBBT. I have stained your challenge with a dirty entry. As soon as I read the title, it popped into my head. Once more, I apologize. :D

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