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  1. Stockton's Hoard

    Captain Stockton turned north and walked toward a large rock outcropping. He made notes on his map by the light of the full moon while three of his crewmen struggled along behind with a large chest full of gold doubloons. The treasure had nearly capsiz...

  2. Two Roads Diverged In A Wood

    As the knight approached the fork in the road, he noticed an old man sitting beneath a tree. “Spare some food, sir?” “Certainly,” the knight replied. He dismounted and offered the old man some jerky from his stores. “It is...

  3. Midnight In The Garden of Eden

    “You will not die,” the serpent laughed. “You will be like God and know good from evil. It’s in the name of the tree, for crying out loud!” Eve glanced at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and chewed her lower lip...

  4. The Ultimate Chronicle - Part 30

    “There’s only one way to resolve this. We must visit the Lord of Forever.” Space/Time Lincoln’s broad shoulders sagged in resignation. “Has it truly come to this?” “If we don’t act quickly, the universe w...

  5. If Mel Brooks Was Mayor

    “She slept with him?!” I yelled. “Oh, you can’t say no to the mayor,” Eva replied matter-of-factly. “I said no to him once. He just gets so disappointed.” — “Make love to me!” the mayor cried ...

  6. The Flying Prince

    He soared through the air, weaving in and out of the white, cottonball clouds. He craved the wind in his hair, yearned for his stomach to jump just so when he leaned into a dive. He reveled in his acrobatic stylings as he floated over the ocean, streak...

  7. Not According To Plan

    Our cause being almost lost, something decisive and great must be done. — John rode up to the back door of the building, his horse’s hooves clopping on the cobblestone street. He was happy to see some stagehands that he knew milling around ...

  8. Ambush At Corbin

    The fleet dropped out of light speed at Corbin, immediately opening fire on all visible satellites. The planet’s single moon, Epis, was on the far side, and those stationed on its shipping port would now be wondering why they were no longer recei...

  9. Dreams

    Dreams do come true. This is not to imply that there is any magic involved here. Quite the opposite, in fact. The fruition of a dream is born out of hard labor, from the sweat of determination and the sore muscles of perseverance. Any dream that ever m...

  10. Road Trip

    The SUV sped down the highway, Boston blaring from the sound system. Mike, Joey, Lane, and Bruce were rocking out. Hard. It was four hundred miles to Vegas, and they were ready for some good old-fashioned debauchery. It was going to be an epic trip. Th...

  11. Hasty Preparations

    Prince Doran grabbed a saddle from the rack and set it on the stallion’s back, the horse’s white hair a stark contrast to his rough, olive skin. He finished strapping it to the beast, checked to see that his sword was secure in his belt, an...

  12. Savage Winter

    The man was running desperately out of the woods through the knee-deep snow, stumbling and falling every few feet, heading toward the house. Darren grabbed his parka, slung it on, and ran out into the yard. The two met after several minutes of fighting...

  13. Alien FAQ

    1. Do aliens really exist? Of course! Shyamalan cast us in Signs, didn’t he? I thought Klarg’s performance, in particular, was spectacular. 2. What’s with the abductions? Oh, man, are they still doing that? Well, back when I was in sc...

  14. A Night At The Fair

    Jason reached into his pocket with his left hand for the five hundredth time, making sure the ring was still there. His right hand was wrapped around Claire’s waist, pulling her close as they walked between the stalls at the fair. Wheat chaff and...

  15. I'm In!

    I didn’t find out about this little experiment until January 5th, so I’m currently a little behind. I will be caught up by this weekend though! (EDIT: I’m all caught up!) I’m posting links to my stories on twitter and Facebook. ...

  16. Into The Wood

    “I don’t think this is a good idea,” Joylyn moaned. “Nania says the shadowtrees eat children when both the moon and sun are sleeping.” The sky was inky black, a dark blanket enveloping the world. Ahead, Zin’s torch s...

  17. The Deal Is On Hold

    “What have you got, Julio?” Detective Arlen Mills asked, meeting the officer at the top of the stairs. Julio Mendez fell into step beside him. “A hotel maid heard gunfire coming from a room on the end. Called 911. I’ve never see...

  18. Wings

    William looked over the cliff side, his stomach doing somersaults. The river, snaking through the valley below, sparkled in the afternoon sun. “I… I can’t.” He backed away from the precipice. “You’ve got to be kiddin...

  19. Valuable Information

    “I want twenty percent,” Jake demanded. He gazed out the floor length office windows, watching the sun set behind the New York skyline. Goldstein chuckled audibly from behind his mahogany desk. “You can’t be serious.” R...

  20. The Puzzling Plight of Reginald T. Badweather

    “Cease your blubbering at once!” Colonel Reginald T. Badweather III (who was not a colonel at all) set his monocle in his right eye and placed his hands on his ample sides. He glared down at the young woman mourning in his office. Of course...

  21. From The Inside Out

    Therys shut his eyes and thanked the gods that serpents don’t chew their food. Gorm’s gullet expanded and contracted around him, forcing him ever deeper into the beast. After what seemed an eternity, Therys felt one final squeeze and droppe...

  22. Death and Politics

    Therys glanced over his shoulder at the sullen villagers waiting along the lake shore. Armed guards stood a few paces behind, poised to stop any who tried to run. His stomach churned with the thought of the gruesome fate that awaited them. He turned ba...

  23. The Intervention

    “She may be powerless to stop you, but I am not.” The welcome sound of Therys’ dulcet tones immediately put Juno’s mind at ease. He stepped forward from the garden to the lake’s shore. Gorm drew back slightly with a sneer,...

  24. Whiteout

    “…a doozy…enty-four to thirty-s…to four fe…inds of fifty-f…” The dying batteries in the radio released just enough information to let everyone in the diner know that they would be stuck for the duration of the ...

  25. Come Home, James

    We know it’s hard to be with us around this time of year. But Christmas just won’t be the same without your presence here. Your sister loves you oh so much; we know you feel the same. She needs you here to hug her tight and play her favorit...

  26. A Costly Distraction

    Aiden gave the dagger a brutal twist and eased the lifeless guard to the ground. He wiped the blood from his face and took one last look at the battlefield. From atop the city wall, he had a commanding view of the carnage. The army had been completely ...

  27. Her Eyes

    Her eyes, laughing, wink at me, and frame the smile upon her face. So evident is their essence of beauty, love, and grace. In her eyes dwells happiness; none entice me like they do. They pull me in; I can’t resist. I am lost inside their blue. No...

  28. Game, Set, Match

    Dear Grace, Just twittered about the crabs. Now James knows. Good luck with that, Santa

  29. Rainfall

    It starts with a bow, a curtsy. Raindrop, meet blade of grass: Splash, “Hello.” The blade shies, but soon warms To her remembered love. Wet embrace exchanged. Mezzo piano, andante, Drop caresses blade. “I’ve missed you!” &...

  30. Winterscape

    White, It’s white tonight as I look upon the sea of snow that covers the land in a blanket that is freezing, yet warm. White is the moonlight that reflects off this white water, giving the illusion of twilight at midnight. White are the stars tha...

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