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I’m 20. I live in Hastings, UK.
Uhhh I’m going to school for illustration, but sometimes I just, like, love writing.

Back when I was 15, I was a member of this site in it’s earliest days and I stopped using it after a while for reasons unknown. Well I’m back for now!


  1. Mouths

    The top half of their jaws slammed against the ground, causing Robert to stumble. Their necks stretched out, their mouths open, ready to engulf anything or, anyone unlucky enough to get caught underneath them. “Help me!” a woman shrieked, h...

  2. Benjamin Button in 10 Words

    It’s Forrest Gump…. except it’s backwards… NOW I’m at 10….

  3. The Original Frankenstein in 10 Words

    “I will create life!” “I am misunderstood….” Little Girl → River

  4. Any Romantic Comedy in 10 words

    He meets the perfect girl, fucks up, she don’t care…………

  5. Dog Chase. Dog Crash. Dog Die.

    The dog ran out in front of my house. I tried to reach out my hand, I tried to stop him. There was a glass pane in my way. There, in the street, man’s best friend. Why did the dog run from his best friend? His best friend who ran at him. His best...

  6. Inglorious Basterds in 10 words

    “I’m Brad Pitt and I’m gonna help you kill Nazis” -—————————————————————————&...

  7. Titanic in 10 words

    “There is no way this ship is sinkin’.” Sex “Shiiiiiiiit…..”

  8. Shaun of the Dead in 10 words

    “Oi, let’s taik a mikkie outta ’em zombies!” “Aulreyed, mate.”

  9. Forrest Gump in 10 words.

    “I love you, Jenny.” “But you’re retarded!!” “I love you!!” “Fiiiiiiiiiiine”

  10. The Entire Star Wars in 10 Words

    Smart kid turns evil, fails at killing his own son………….

  11. A Great Day.

    “Bloody Hell! Nine months?” came the yell from the other room. My father replied, knowing there was no way to defend himself. Nine Months. “So… So what?!” my mother kept screaming, “So the past nine months have been ...

  12. Well, I'll tell you a story (The Twyst's Twist Version)

    I was putting out on my roof. Yes, my roof. I had thought about what it may be like to put out on ones roof. So I call my sister outside and tell her to bring the camera. I wanted her to record my moment of glory. I say to her, “HEY LILY! What would...

  13. 2012? (Mature)

  14. From the Sky; The Aftermath

    The holes in the doors shone daylight. I opened the door, my eyes squinting from the unexpected brightness. A man running. A muffin sprouting hole in his head. Blood spraying behind him. I walk across an empty street, stale muffins littering the ground...

  15. Well, I'll tell you a story.....

    I was out on my roof. Yes, my roof. And I thought about what may happen if one tried to land on the trampoline we have set out in our backyard. So I call my sister outside and tell her to bring the camera. I wanted her to record my moment of glory. I ...

  16. My First Kiss (A Poem)

    I was thirteen, I was young, I was short. My girlfriend was lean, she played lots of sports. My left and my right hands, pressed up against her hips. I was kind of afraid, though, to finally touch lips. I thought,I’m wayy to old, for this to be m...

  17. How to get featured

    Basically if you see a Ficly you really like and want it to get featured so everyone can read it, or you just want people to read something you wrote that you think is amazing, just start a conversation in the comments. Oh, and, you know, write a good ...

  18. A Perfect moment

    So, yes. I have a girlfriend, ladies. Who Cares?! She is the coolest thing since sliced bread, and we hung out today. We went and we saw the horror/comedy(?) movie “Sorority Row” and it may have been the worst movie I’ve seen all year...

  19. I have a dream

    I have a dream. I have a dream that one day this galaxy will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “Kill, Kill, Kill!!!” I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Klaxxion 4, the sons of former slaves and the sons of for...

  20. Diary of a King: Modern Day (As Dictated to the Secretary)

    Heeeeeeee-yah, par’dner. Man, I love maself some kingin’ Man, I don’t even know how I become king o’ this land (belch) but I sure do know I like it. Alls I know if more boose, more ladies, and I’m happy as heell HEEEYYYAAA...

  21. Diary of a King: Early (and Late) Midieval Times

    Whoa. Okay. So… like, today, bro, my friends and I were lighting up, and some guy dressed in, like, all black or something was just like, “Hello, fellow knights!” and my mates were like, dude, chill out, and we passed him the bong. An...

  22. Jesi

    Jesi we loved you. We knew you more each day. Words cannot describe feelings when you passed away. I thought you and Eddie-Joe would live on forever. You were the perfect example. of belonging together. I feel for Eddie-Joe, the coolest guy in the worl...

  23. A Message From God

    Elshahawk, This is God Speaking. Yes, THAT God. I wanted to let you know that you are teh coolest (yes, I said teh. You seem to like using it) woman to ever grace Ficly. Oh, by the way, without you, the world would have one less funtastic writer. The E...

  24. Misstress Conception?

    With that, they were put in a wet, sticky room. Tessa was not pleased. Connie could tell from the way she screamed profanities. “Who is this Miss Conception, eh?!” she asked, eventually calming down. This allowed Connie to open the Guide to...

  25. Misstress Conception

    Suddenly, there was a grinding, and Tessa squealed. “What was that?!” Perry whisper-shouted to Connie. Connie told them, to act natural, and they did. A door they didn’t know was there opened, and a thing walked out. I say a thing, be...

  26. No Offense....

    This story has been deemed too innapropriate for your eyes. We will be calling your mother in: Three…. Two…… One……. [Dial Tone]

  27. TERD!


  28. The Detective

    She was tastier than the tastiest chocolate you’d ever eaten. Her legs, her fabulous legs went on forever, slowly turning into a large, crumbly muffin. The word muffintop had never been used to describe something as beautiful. She walked through ...

  29. Diary of a King: Bronze Age

    Oooh. The shiny metals, the shiny shiny BRIGHT colourful metals. Oh, I do enjoy playing with them. Of course, when I wear them in my ear, I can’t help but overhear all the gossip people are speaking about me. “Ooooh, King Edward’s a t...

  30. The Diary of a King: Stone Age

    Today, Oog made an amazing discovery. We were throwing stones at the women, you know, having a laugh, when Oog throws a stone, misses, and it slides on the ground. But… it slided in a way, where it seemed to rotate as it hit the ground. So, Oog d...

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