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Gonna miss you guys so much. My ‘official/professional’ email is: abbywall2440@gmail.com in case anyone wants to keep in touch!


  1. Begin with battle

    Simmons jumped through the hatches, swinging himself through the narrower ones. He held a laser machine gun in each hand, firing madly at any Hieenah that jumped in his way. “Move.” He shouted at his partner, “Come on, Slaney, dammit!...

  2. Never kill a witch's cat!

    “I’m a witch.” “You’re a what?” “I’m a witch, Rosalie. You have to leave now!” “You’re not a witch, Sadie. I’m quite sure you…” “I am! And they know…”...

  3. Cora: Coral dresses and Cancer

    Cora is eighteen years old. She has straight dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and olive skin. Her heart shaped face is sweet and her high pitched voice makes her instantly endearing. She is wearing a light, floral print dress in her favorite shades of cora...

  4. I Dream of the Fairy queen

    I dream upon the Fairy Queen, Beside the silver lake, I dream when I sleep through the night, I dream when I’m awake. I sing a lament to the lost, The fairy race, I see. I dream upon the Fairy Queen, And of the old oak tree. There’s a whisp...

  5. A Failed Attempt

    The net landed over Juno’s head before she could react to the footsteps approaching behind her. The ropes were heavy, a double braid, and rough, scratching at her skin where they rubbed against her. She kicked and struck out, obviously outnumbere...

  6. An Unwelcome Welcome

    The door opened. “I thought you said goodbye.” “Yeah,” he grinned. “Now I’m saying hello.” She slammed the door shut in his face.

  7. Thievery and Kidnapping!

    Nyci was still in shock. Joshua was dead. The Denar knew their weakness. Juno had disappeared and Therys could not be found. Her heart was stone cold and sickness was rising. How would she tell the Denar that their ward had been killed by the very thin...

  8. "Wolf's Lair"

    Stauffenberg sat in the conference room and hoped nobody noticed the sweat clinging to his face, his shirt, his shaking hand. The talk went over his head and he mumbled an excuse to change his shirt in Wilhelm Keitel’s office. Fumbling only a lit...

  9. Here's to you: 2010

    A new decade. A new era. A time for fresh lights to leap on the stage that is this world and shed their glory upon the more humble audience. I wish them all the best. The last few months have brought snow and silence. The year has been: - a turning poi...

  10. The Big World

    Most things are big when you’re four. But sharks… They’re terrifying. I stood in the glass tunnel that burrowed sharply through the electronically heated aquarium. It was sooo big and so dark. I stood right up close to the plastic-gla...

  11. Tears are Terminal

    For once, it wasn’t me lying in a sterilised hospital bed surrounded by bleak curtains and plainly painted walls. Not me being kept alive by plastic tubes feeding foreign chemicals into me. It was my mother. Helpless and alone next to her sleepin...

  12. Sun-down

    Juno pushed the abominable thought from her mind but it would not leave. Feed Therys to Gorm! His magic will be worth the innocent’s bodies. No! She shook her head again. The maddening pounding in her skull beat at her temples. They needed him, ...

  13. Complications

    “Halt where you stand or I shall cut you as wheat.” The sword touched his neck like a lover’s kiss; gentle but dangerous and passionate. Haffa let himself shiver and raised his hands uncertainly with quiet submission. “I presume...

  14. 2009 - a cartfull of memories

    For me, tonight is less like the end of 2009 and more like the end of the world. The fireworks that shriek and bang are like guns to me. The bright lights are like hot and vicious, burning fires. The parties are just curtains to hide your grief behind....

  15. Correct Hallucination

    They’re behind you! They’re not. Turn around and you’ll see them If you turn around, they’ll see you. They’re following you My vision flicked between a magically colourful world when everything felt warm and sleepy, and a ...

  16. Excuses and Accusations

    The old man was still staring at Nyci. His eyes pierced hers with furious accusation. She opened her mouth and then shut it. And then opened it again. “Globberworms!” she cursed. “I beg your pardon?” The old man drew himself up....

  17. A Servant's Place

    Cold, Haffa woke. Even in the warmth of a summer morning, he shivered. He did not open his eyes immediately – he could see the sun beams through his eyelids and the dark lines where trees were. The lack of sight attuned his other senses and the s...

  18. A Nightmare come true

    He rolled out of bed and rubbed his sweat glazed face, ignoring the roughness of his cheek against his smooth hands. The living room was dirty and cluttered and he realised that his obsession was taking too much hold over him. Malcolm was rarely so inf...

  19. Merry Christmas, Ficly...

    This is just to say a very, merry, happy, jolly Christmas to everyone on ficly… You’ve really brightened up the last few months for me and I hope we enjoy the new year together. I’m wishing that you all get lots and lots of great pres...

  20. Discovery!

    “Perhaps we could view the gardens in more detail later,” proposed Santi, a young ambassador. Nyci hoped they didn’t see the colour draining out of her as quickly as it was fleeing from the garden. “Yes, yes, yes. Of course.R...

  21. Ash...

    Ash. And charcoal, crumbled by the embrace of flames into smoky dust that lay, as a blanket, upon every surviving surface. A roof, half of a wall. Just remnants of a once prosperous civilization and grey, black, filthy white where colours were once ki...

  22. Snore

    Snore, snore, snore, snore. The breast moved up and down, up and down and side to side. Expanding and becoming compact. Again, and again, and again. BOO That did not scare you out of your delicious skin, you stupid human! Why not? You’re demandin...

  23. Killing in the name of...

    The stairs are mine, the house is mine, everything in it is mine. So his blood is mine. I think that he’s hit me one too many times, don’t you? I think that he should stop beating our children. I think that someone should teach him a lesson...

  24. A New Years Mistake

    Balloons and food and lots of booze. Nobody cares that the music is blowing your ears off. Nobody cares how drunk you get or who you sleep with. We were dancing and drinking and snogging all evening. We cheered at midnight like everyone else but then w...

  25. Book Heart

    Ulkra clutched the book close to her chest. She had to. It held her heart. She ran her thumb affectionately down it’s old spine and tutted as her nail caught on a thread. She tried to pull away from it but it held on to her. She tugged. A final a...

  26. Santa Problems

    The snow had been falling for at least an hour. It was thick on the ground and thick in the sky and the pillow case clouds promised more. The wind caught every flurry and threw it back into the night, until it fell again. It clung to stringy strands of...

  27. A Winter Sketch

    The close was glass-icy. Deep troughs where tyres had skidded revealed a mirror glazing the gritty road. It was still – the rumbling of the city and motorway in the distance and the eerie chant of shivering wind chimes a little nearer. Ice clung to t...

  28. {Utopia} horrorfan13

    Now here is a brilliant writer who shares my love of writing and music. She gave me my first constructive criticism and I’ve never forgiven her nor thanked her enough =D. Maybe this ficly will do. You weren’t scared to tell me when I wrote ...

  29. {Utopia} Mr Gabriel

    This is to, and about, dear Mr Gabriel, I can’t remember how I first came to know of him, I think it was during his stereotypes challenge (which I won =D) Yes, I think his challenge was the first I ever won. When I discovered my sucess, it made m...

  30. Eyes like flowers.

    My eyes are green. Except for the edges that are flecked with amber streaks. They are slow and gentle and they see more than you expect them to. They love the earth. They love the world. They love the grass that you stand on and the flowers that you sm...

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