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“If you don’t work nothing will.”

Maya Angelou


  1. Addiction

    Sunset Cold sweat Sweet syringe Obsolete silhouettes Fray together at the fringe

  2. Comfort

    I took a chance and we danced Embraced with lace In rhythm’s trance A sun beam slants Across your face As white as cream As comfortably warm as coffee steam

  3. Honestly

    Honestly, I get scared When I should be strong Coincidently, I haven’t cared After sleeping too long Honestly, I am prepared To never truly belong Coincidently, I am impaired Singing a melancholy song Along with the thought of on and on Beyond my...

  4. Guardian Angel

    She’s tied Where she would’ve died Wide eyed But I reside beside her Hung hidden I am a black widow spider Climbing on her shoulder Her protector Making sure she grows older I am an evil soul collector My bite breaches the killer’s s...

  5. NYCity

    My synopsis of the metropolis Was gorgeous and enormous— Buzzing with bees and hornets, Rich folks and blokes who are homeless.

  6. Electrocute Excuses-- Renewal

    Entice enlightening— Fire blame like lightning Live wire tap Each straw that makes you snap Electrocute excuses Float from bad moods as it loosens The noose of nuscience Evaporate confusion Slip into a lucid Conscience conducive To music in harm...

  7. Broken Trust

    You say, “you must” And, “tell me more” Strumming trust With vocal cords— Telling too much To afford The full amount of touch You lied, you swore Now I’m tied to a feeble crutch That broke falling useless to the floo...

  8. Human Nature

    Like a hawk that tears red, Wet strips of meat from bones We tear away the fabric of importance From everything else but ourselves.

  9. I Haven't Met You Yet

    You are what Nature nurtures The thirstier the love The faster its water surges

  10. Sarcasm

    Sarcasm, My dear That’s all that was, Deer in the headlights, My dear My sweet Simple Know-it-all I could break you down Like a gingerbread house, And enjoy it to But I’m simply Not a simpleton, Like you

  11. Yesterday, Someone...

    Yesterday, Someone gave birth. Yesterday, Someone gripped the sound of feet on the ground. Yesterday, Someone neglected their worth. Yesterday, Someone lost in the night was porch light found. - Yesterday, Someone fed their soul with the break of dawn....

  12. Apple Heart

    A red delicious Reflects off the glossy Brown finish of the coffee table. Fangs drip warm blood on the floor. Thud Thud thud Inaudible droplets Splash as heavy as heartbeats To the vampire’s sensitive hearing. The apple catches his eye, He feed...

  13. Shadows

    A soldier’s shadow Feels no pain Sliding over jagged gravel— Its black outline does not contain The fragile face from which it came The fragile face that’s in my aim Is mute and vague I cannot hear its screams It hasn’t lived or died ...

  14. Burial

    A casket, a hymn, For light in alive eyes Death darkens them dim.

  15. For Change

    Epilepsy couldn’t shake Like I shake and bake A bakers dozen End of discussion Cousin, Brother or other Son of a mother-father. I’m gunning don’t bother I’m running a bit farther Or further? DON ’T QUESTION ! When I’m verbal questing A chim...

  16. A Crazy Cat Story

    I threw a mouse in a cats mouth with fastball velocity. Blurring the fur. Streaking the tiny breathing morsel of meat directly into the esophagus of the cat. The cat stammered back shifting erratically and suffocated. The mouse squirmed and scraped, cl...

  17. More About The Narrator: For Lighty :)

    My soul is still as stone At home inside my bricks of bone And blanketing flesh Drawing breaths with the pens I own See-sawing on the crest Of wearing tuxedos like a clone Or walking around undressed Flashing back like I’m spotlight prone

  18. Odd Contradictions

    Color me achromatic Unelectricly collecting static Using cellar doors for the attic Rehabbing without a habit Pulling hats out of the rabbit Tricking magic with transparency Complacently feeling antsy Homeless in a house that’s decked out fancy.

  19. War

    Kills Blood trickles In the fight Dead soldiers drift into the light— Souls seep From punctured holes Life is put to sleep As each sense grows To six and on— beyond what the living knows: The end Means that you extend forever Removed from...

  20. Rhyme To A Drum Line

    Bitterness is not An interest Of mine My thoughts align With the stars that shine Above the blind belts of sunshine I climb the mountainous skyline of my mind And combine with mother nature and father time

  21. Rain

    Rain beads drip Off a hanging leaf I cup a soft grip And gently sip relief

  22. I.O.U.

    Poetry, You owe me. Know me? Hardly. Blow me. Go broke and O.D. Painfully, Slowly.

  23. The Whole Story

    Soul mates reunite. Wedding bells ring. _______________ _______________________ ________________________________ _____________________________________________

  24. Distant Moon

    Sunken In the distant dust Of instantaneous timelessness Are footprints that represent all of us.

  25. For A Lady I Know

    My last sentiment Meant merely cents To her high dollar flight And chauffuer caller that night. I feel without when I’m with her— She’s in doubt sniffing drugs as her thoughts wither.

  26. Oasis of Bliss

    Life, for me, was like running as fast and as far as I could. Once I couldn’t run any longer I turned around and walked home. And when I laid in bed I was dead— Then ascended From where my life had ended To a place I never comprehended Could exis...

  27. Stonehenge: SOLVED!

    I want revenge Because I know the real reason for Stonehenge. Bear with me Cause this one’s a grizzly! Aliens landed upon our planet, Crafted a great calendar out of granite, Then altered mankind’s mind! Making sure it was simpleton By comparis...

  28. Apart After

    You dismiss me, Lady of insanity, Then say how you miss me, Want to meet me, Kiss me, Erase misery, Stir to stillness Blissfully— We must be Voluminous to hush, Resting apart after we rush.

  29. HELL

    Suddenly, a clawed hand impales his shoulder and gouges out a hunk of flesh. James hollers for help, writhing in painful agony. No answer. Growls surround him like guttural hatred, gurgling, emanating from the blood-slick throats of demons. They approa...

  30. Two Drops of Blood

    Rachel draws her weapon and rises to her feet. She presses the pistol into James’ forehead hissing “pow” over his ear. James desperately tries to maneuver his head away from the gun’s point blank aim. Petrified shock stretches o...