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“If you don’t work nothing will.”

Maya Angelou


  1. What Would J.D. Salinger Say?

    What’s the point In being anointed a master Among the disjointed word crafters, Feather headed bird bathers, And phonies who only slather slander on? I hear each pawn soar in song— “Caw! My candor is a con, Money is the convention I swore my soul...

  2. One Day Traded

    A hardened heart in a frosty knoll Chest of compressed grasses Is a frigid, fragile, undressed soul Hidden as it passes Through you, what you never controlled— Yourself, faded, All warmth one day traded for cold.

  3. Faith

    For every wrinkle on my face, And every twinkle in my eyes, I like to sprinkle on the faith, But religions are full of lies.

  4. New Product Name and Tagline

    God Blood It does a body godly Disclaimer: God Blood will not grant you the power to resurrect, fly, see through walls, or part seas. Available at these fine retailers worldwide— Jumpin’ Jay’s Jam Cafe, Burn That Blub Sports Club, and...

  5. Eclipsing

    My Soul Is where Flesh reflects On the water’s surface— Eclipsing my skeleton’s silence

  6. Sarcasm, My Dear

    Sarcasm, my dear. That’s all that was. Deer in the headlights, my dear. My sweet, simple, know-it-all. I could break you down like a gingerbread house, and enjoy it to. But I’m simply Not a simpleton, Like you.

  7. A few Recent Story Titles Wrap Up

    (Each one of these stanzas is a poetic summary of the stories posted above and below my post on the most recent list, recently. lol. starting with the title.) Dogfighter At war like a sniper Hyper action engine igniter. I Like-Like The Mic Flaky, shaky...

  8. I Like-Like The Mic

    Do you know what it’s like to like-like? Like, not merely liked, But to sincerely be psyched Right up to the cusp of love Where one simple shove Could dimple cheeks of Weightless floating like the clouds above? Well that’s how my heart swel...

  9. Above The Cutting Edge

    (MC T picks up the mic. It feels cold and alien to his touch— far from the warm energy and sweaty palm residue it once had.) This new stream of piss and grits Comes from a long list of sh*t that I’ll never quit I’m deeply into it Like...

  10. Accountability: Hate

    “Don’t touch me.” she says, scarcely audible. Rachel tries to hold back her sadness— seeping in uncontrollable drops onto the white napkin neatly tucked in a triangle by her empty plate. James withdraws his hands and braces hims...

  11. Half A Spine

    “You know?” She bleeds— Like her words were stab wounds. James cringes, unseen, beneath his exterior posture now posing as someone with half a spine.


    Pretty pink Clouds at dusk Stay moving slow If at all I wouldn’t know After all I dismiss the fire show For the stars that glow ETERNAL…………………………………………...

  13. Sunken Stones

    Sunken stones In the river Smooth still As water fills The role of life-giver

  14. Existential

    Within a world Lips curled Tight to the tongue Exhaling a lung Of swirled words— They come unclung From this conscience I’m among.

  15. Motives

    “Listen, Rachel.” James starts. “I know who you are.” He squeezes his voice through an uneasy, clenched smile, leans in and slides his hand onto hers— the same one she’s using to grasp her pistol by the barrel beneath the table. Jam...

  16. Corruption

    One strip of flesh per glance One mended bone per touch One broken soul per chance One idea unites per purpose Delaying peace shouldn’t be for purchase anymore It’s non of business’s business to be funding war It shouldn’t be in...

  17. Night Writer

    Illuminated keyboard Hunched by the light Memories moth toward Me on this listless summer night

  18. Steel To The Touch

    He fidgets around in his seat pretending to be supremely uncomfortable with his chair all of a sudden, rolling an annoyed eye to his watch and then to the waitress busily roving in the back ground. Looking anywhere to avoid her dominating stare— ...

  19. To Kill A Liar

    She orders a vodka tonic instead and sifts through the weight of his words. She catches his bottom lip quiver slightly and she fixes her stare on him with a confident slant in her eyes. “I don’t believe you’ve ever harmed a fly.”...

  20. Rotational Rationale

    When the heart persists You don’t feel the planet’s Tremendous twists Until it lifts away And you no longer exist In its night and day.

  21. Let's Die!

    Let’s die! You and I. Without asking why Or saying good bye. No caring. No whimper. No cry. No big fuss Because I Would just Like to know What it’s like to ultimately let go. Your life is only the making of Death: The Show. Come on! DonR...

  22. Telling Touch

    A tongue of finger-tips Slips onto warm, slick, scarlet lips To catch the cold, thick, icicle drips— Splashing numbness nips at the core Telling touch it knows not what it grips anymore.

  23. Over Dose (Mature)

  24. Wandering Eyes

    A stare is aloft, Soft like the air, In silence it walks Atop who talks To me— those who care, Who have my ear, But not my eyes— They wander to where I’d rather sit If I could only fit In over there.

  25. Fingers of Restraint

    Incredulous cranberry lips Of the pupil Eyes another Class mate So scrupulous Some say modesty Lay molested By the fingers of restraint.

  26. White Cold

    Breath of alabaster frost Billows up like willow flowers loft. A barren tree’s embossed Unto the scenery when Snow flakes make Its tendrils pillow soft again.

  27. Such Is the Set Up

    Rules are for playing games. Real life is lawless— Selfishness breeds Corruption While society bleeds.

  28. Infinately Inanimate

    What if what we feel Isn’t really real? Thought by mind? Made by hand? Maybe all of time Is dropping sand That gravity holds, controls, That simple fulfillment of the inanimate demand. And… Then again the inanimate animates You whether you...

  29. Ear What She Nose

    She nose But she doesn’t ear, I suppose, With one eye open clear The other frozen closed By the cold upon her tear.

  30. Daffodil-lydallying

    Dandelions Freckle the lawn With yellow petals— Where the flower half of my being Always winds up daffodil lydallying