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“If you don’t work nothing will.”

Maya Angelou


  1. Dead Dreams

    I made a uniform Out of a unicorn And crowned my head with its horn. Then I gave the ace of cakes a taste— Spooning through the glaze Of chocolate spades And heart-shaped blood Dripping from the tip Of my frosting covered club.

  2. The Price To Call

    So, I raise everything you know. To call would take all of the names for snow, Every pronunciation of love linked with every lyrical vocal, Language and math, And a by hand biograph Written in sanscrit With the paw of a kitten. To raise Would take a ...

  3. Transparent

    Sunken stones In the river Smooth still As water fills The role of life-giver.

  4. Sleeping Painter

    She stirs Under covers When dreams occur, Within streams of color, Where swimming silhouettes Trail wet pallet pleasure Over her pale picture.

  5. Hour Glassed People of Sand

    Taste Chocolate context Displaced Muscle flexed In the mirror faced Lost in text Guiding with haste Lighting paths Biting down laughs Phasing Everlasting Electric like tasing Empty like fasting Tempting like flesh Under covers Wonder and guess Gentle l...

  6. Comprehension

    I still can’t tell If there’s supposed to be yolk inside the shell Or oyster, or chocolate, or a moistened esophagus Expelling voices and mist As the soul enters the cold Shedding its bodily interest.

  7. Ho Hum

    Refusing breath I exhale a hum With all that is left In my numb Lungs of flesh— Soon to become The sum of death.

  8. Gall

    I am writing mainly To unwrinkle meaning (Provided my inspired iron’s steaming) Does reality stitch into what I’m dreaming? Or vice versa? Consider ying-yang colored orcas Swimming in froth topped mochas I don’t know Where my mind wi...

  9. Note To Self

    Today— Make sure You take your Stature in nature And set something Solid in said cement. Trace and imprint love And tell her it never went.

  10. Divine Doorway

    I glimpse through the key hole Of heavens door, Waiting, Watching time’s architecture Creating My life’s touch and texture.

  11. Nebraskan Tippers

    She takes her corn And leaves no coin The cow that doesn’t tip.

  12. Thoughts Of The Day

    Imagine if life Is like infinite instances Coming from nothing Inevitably becoming nothing At a constant rate It’s circular— life reinitiates Once spread dead Now a lively concentrate Then again All vision dilutes back To inanimate eyesR...

  13. Drink of the Devil

    Baiting traps Satan laps The blood of souls Gushing from bullet holes.

  14. Open Casket

    Suits shuffled, Dresses stepped, Images of my father Followed where I wept.

  15. Whole

    In my heart Harsh reality erases. We beat as half a part— Whole again in warm embraces. Eyes close into dark Together pressing faces. Mirrors couldn’t start Reflecting what this feeling traces.

  16. Still

    Shapes of the sun Slant where he stands By the white window sill, Hanging his hands, Mannequin still.

  17. Dear Muffin, Elsha, Krulltar, Mess, Joe, And Wift... *ahem

    I’m an American. Monroe equals Marilyn. Taebo Hoe equals Muffin. I’m a good mic samaritan. I’ve withstood Six punk aryans Who think they’re ‘hood’— Blaring arrogant tangents A five-year-old could. It’s a...

  18. A Consequence Of Light And Life

    Burnt out stars Shine from afar— When our bare Skeletons already are Pockmarked like Mars The Sun will be a speck Newly born in the outer parlors.

  19. Joe Is Not Even Slightly Mighty On Da Mic

    Is Joe mighty? His flow politely goes Down nightly And rises with a brown nose, Unsightly, Wearing Elsha’s clothes— Joe is likely To sing solo’s In a satin nighty At “White Swallows” A bar in San Francisco’s District...

  20. Muffin Enjoys Jazzercise

    Dear Muffin (A.K.A. Pastry Puff McMuff), Jazz class? You obviously meant Jazzercise— You’re the tight clothes type who gets a rise From sweat rolling down the thighs of guys. Your words are grassy like cow pies They’re easily mowed do...

  21. Pastry Puff McMuff

    Mc Muffin still wants lessons? I can sleepwalk his expressions Off the steep stocks of great depressions He needs my permission to cheap talk— His voice I keep locked in D-Block prisons With Elsha, Krulltar, and Mess All confined with their weak ...

  22. A Talk With ElshaHawk

    ElshaHawk, I don’t mean to ruffle feathers But we have to talk Ouch! keep your talons on the leather! My arm is not a chopping block! You clumsy flesh shredder! Where were we? Oh yes, your walking— That way you waddled about to back up your...

  23. Krulltar Shmulltar

    Krulltar is like a vulture But can’t hold down the rotten scraps He rips off of vulgar culture So he regurgitates them in raps. Game over We differ I’m better You’re bitter I’m the pull You’re the giver I’m in contro...

  24. Return of the Mack (MC T.)

    (MC T. exits the ladies room and buttons up his shirt. Muffled cries call out for him to come back. He gets back up on stage.) ‘Rorschach’ has the cadence of a sneeze Try to run another rhyme This seance severs your souls Achilles And you’ve got ...

  25. MC T.

    (MC T. snatches the mic from mid-air and climbs up on stage.) “Mc Mess and Muffin Talk tough but they’re bluffing— Straight blowing the mic When they’re huffing and puffing Put those air-heads on a spike And watch ‘em pop ...

  26. Contradictions

    You Dismiss me Then you “miss me” Oblivious of causing misery Taking me skeptically… seriously? I bet you’re also voluminous when hush, Stupid but simultaneously straight A studious, Sound asleep while wide-awake and resting in ...