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“If you don’t work nothing will.”

Maya Angelou


  1. Gasp, Too Much (6/6)

    The consensus For your pompous And pretentious Accomplice Is contentious. He made a horrendous Entrance— Monstrous and non-anonymous— Bearing a resemblance To senseless sentiments And remnants of fondness For attaining preeminence. He̵...

  2. How To Think Like An Imagist (6/5)

    “William Carlos William’s poetry is first on your syllabus. Now, give me a word and I’ll give you a relative image. You there, the boy with the I love breasts t-shirt.” “Alcoholic” he says, proud of himself. His clas...

  3. It All Depends (6/4) (Mature)

  4. Obsession At First Sight: Talking To Himself (6/3)

    She’s brutal yet irrefutably beautiful, *sigh …if pseudo delusional. She’s musical, useful, unusually truthful, and so irreplaceable with places to go. Try to understand why I stand by and hold her hand while every other guy, all the ...

  5. 6/1/12 (11:59 pm)

    It will or it won’t. Know? No, we still don’t. Answers will unmask when we can no longer ask. That’s How the weight of fate Becomes the lungs it suffocates— Stars perish in the same way the Milky Way creates. Why does life cling...

  6. Free Of Stress

    Got caught In skin Again. I know Where I’ve Been; enlivened. Why, I’ll world awhile Stroll my soul on an island Sparkling like a starlit diamond. Curl up to a girl; Deliver A bigger picture Of timeless kindness. Do the dishes. Instill goodw...

  7. Air Over Open Water

    The leaves are numerous, Noon illuminated, Nearly neon green, Consuming light the clouds can’t catch— While the wind’s whims Dance branches like puppet limbs With systems of cool air (the canyon’s companion) Quick to rollick lif...

  8. Avoidance (Mature)

  9. Free Write... 127 seconds to digress

    violin stalin’violent problem furor fuhrer Hilter filter cut the crust off the white bread white bred night bright lights dead said sight led to lead hate breaks to a flame communists honor bombers armor your farmers calm her your daughter solv...

  10. Untitled Draft

    Are you implying that I’m lying? Or inferring that that’s occurring? If you are your thinking is fubar. Can’t you see I’m speaking loosely? It’s a joke, you know, for fun. Quit looking for a smoking gun.

  11. For My Friend

    Her moon, like hurt, pales in the sun’s comfort; the warm light lifts what discourages with the mist— and this regal girl emerges with dark purple lips, pearls in her fists, and blue worlds of mackerel skies reflecting off of her soft emera...

  12. Collision

    Nearly unheard fears spill sparks, severely veering, fiercely steering metal ’gainst the curb of hearts.

  13. Deep Insight

    The older men get, the hairier they get until they need Draino just to take a shit.

  14. Three For The Price of One

    Make friends with the first anesthesiologist you meet down in hell _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Girls preoccupied with looks become most women obsessed with money _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Silence is a strength if contemplative and fair; judging b...

  15. Inspired to Prevail {Haiku}

    Trumpets vanquish gloom, Thunderous drums deafen doubt, Hope awakens here

  16. Worlds With Moons Are Wombs

    Sunlit shadows travel, piercing the distance, like shrapnel. Infants of instants grow into existence as maple trees dapple the gravel. Life is endlessly far as any star; yet tremendously close as you and I are.

  17. Do You Think She's Really Listening?

    I don’t want you. I won’t haunt you. Just don’t take back that time you said you loved me. I need that to be true. When I’m feeling rundown it always helps me through.

  18. Words Pry Open Jaws Leaving Trails of Bloody Paws

    Candy apple coated brake lights cover our skintight insights with color. Pink sinking insides flutter linking the physical to invisible thinking blink, blinking. Guzzle the troubled drink. Here here! Here’s to cheers clink, clinking; (ringing ear...

  19. Avi's Poem

    She’s busy being three Pooh likes honey and so does she She eats pickles aplenty popcorn and popscicles ’til the treats are empty When her face is sticky she gets super tickly She loves to wrestle, calm down and nestle, drinking juice, all cuddled...

  20. Hollow Home

    He hears his heartbeat crunch in the cotton pillow soft bed sheet, fearing death far less than living alone, listening, listless, mano a monotone.

  21. In Love, No

    Ever since your mom passed your life’s been glassed on display you became a movie people liked to play you were my duty to protect I truly loved you in every way, except I wasn’t in love that I knew of… Because, well, it was only aft...

  22. Egg-laying Species Pre-date The Existence of Chickens

    “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” er, well, they tied, theoretically, there was a burst, the origins dispersed, then it was read in a Ficly

  23. The Skin She's In

    The way she takes her clothes off slows to lilting waves of silk and tilting shoulder blades; wilting like a rose

  24. Unloading (Mature)

  25. Forked

    It is a ladle odd to spoon with a knife that couldn’t carve with any care on the plate you two do share. If it is spare-rib or steak or caribou, you prong a promise, as blades carry through, to guide their slicing slide, to always b brave &...

  26. Untitled

    An emotional decision is like tunnel vision. Darkness inhabits its prison. The rails start thrumming. A slice of light touches the prism. A train is coming— sending its impending colors of cataclysm into the dim where there teems a tremendous ass...

  27. An Evolving Random Anthem

    Just because they don’t get it doesn’t mean you have to edit let it be seen between abysmal, dismal, good, and fine when its bits are not quite as bright as a star should shine sometimes a full breast is best drawn on a stick figure outlin...

  28. Addison's Premonition

    Addison watches the crow chisel C-L-A-Y-T-O-N into the headstone with its beak and he marvels at the small bird’s resilient power. Worry creeps in as the bird bashes away at the rock. Each hard impact loosens the beak and chips it, nicking the edges....

  29. Capitali$m

    Dusk in New York hasn’t three pillars of ecstasy, nor the benign grace of white doves basking in the perfume of ponds. Dusk in New York gloams off tremendous window panes. Soft chic ends edge sharply, looming over brooding despair looking up at prosp...

  30. To Know Is Not Enough

    When I was younger I understood what death was, that everyone ages, everyone dies. I always felt protected from being hurt because I knew I was helpless against time. It’s not my fault and there is nothing I can do. I raised my white flag and accept...