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“If you don’t work nothing will.”

Maya Angelou


  1. Meditation

    Unconfined— his mind climbs with the souls of his ancestry— completely free— having unwound the restraints of reality— It’s here he finds how he’s part of time— a timeline that binds him to the Earth and far beyond...

  2. Drunk Indescribable Love

    Touch and go fish; This is Frodo for the photo finish; It’s the baby who gets its bottle— It’s one inaudible dawdle Of a godawful waddle! Or maybe it’s more ably Like a lady you’d want to throttle? I ought to know But m...

  3. Green Eyes

    Just this morning, when the sun first entered the space of darkness that hugged my street, all of the brightly painted houses pretended to be gray. I marveled at how such a blurry color could appear sharp like the corner of each window sill. My neighbo...

  4. January On The Water

    The under tow spun in the saltwater river like a transparent snake— drowning drift wood and life alike in its cold indiscriminate coil. Josephine was struggling. The river was twisting her down into its pulseless body. “Hold on!” I wailed, reachi...

  5. Maury And Lori

    Maury awakens pregnant with piss. He peers through the crusty sleep in his eyes and denotes what time it is by the blue gray hue of the bedroom. All he wants to do is hook Lori by the waist and fall back to sleep, but the bulge between his belly button...

  6. Cold Cement; There, There

    When you bleed you feel sick your manic frantic pedantic thoughts supersede logic it’s like being in love a lot of all you’ve got to soothe yourself is not there unless you stop feel the air gauze the slop woozy rooms drop then adrenaline...

  7. Poem 1,567

    Can you Ever Be Where You’ve been? Same Position? If you can Then you must Choose, if you will, To be Truly Still. See Any Vanity In the super official, Superficial common thought That claims an astounding, Abounding amount of freedom As bein...

  8. Timeless Life

    On what letter will you believe? On what syl~la~ble will you retrieve The fact that you’ll inevitably leave? That all of your free will Is as irretrievable As that last Second that just passed. Life happens that fast. Fast as you read. Faster eve...

  9. Your Patient Awaits Treatment, Doctor

    He needs a neurotic antibiotic, If you’re not too hectic now. And a narcissistic antiseptic, If you’d conclude to allow. Call a cathartic medic. He’s heart sick With a nickel to his name. Rip the IV from his vein. Don’t worry,...

  10. Gold Bits Amidst Numbness

    Twirling a frayed thread Afraid of what it was I must’ve said Because It does Sting To be aware of So much Of such A comforting feeling High above Once valid Now stunting Pallid Infected by What I wanted To do Haunted I never did Instead I hid Fr...

  11. By The Strawberry Banks

    Mist pours And rises And kisses Your irises Like waves The shores Can’t resist

  12. Quick Courtship-- Poetic Pick-up Line

    My likes Include Nice nights— The kind kind, Hot food, Spiced rice, A calm mind, And you— You’d suffice For a warm slice Of slumber under The morning skylights

  13. Lily Shadows

    Daylight slices Grass to blades It passes away as Lily shadows wilt to gray; The hills are Filled with graves They sway under night Like sharks in waves Their moonlit teeth Have come to graze On a waft of frost Where the leaf decays I strike a match ...

  14. Faster Than Time Can Capture

    How Does now, The present, Cement moments In increments Of instants That travel Such a distance At a standstill— At speeds faster Than time Can capture?— I’m fine It’s just that after I break Down each action I take Into it...

  15. One Violet Rose

    Lilac lace Traces Clove pink Clothes; The sun Set As one Violet rose

  16. Phallic Heads of The Rose (Free-Write Randomness)

    Populate fate With a populous of optimists— Opportunists tuning the music Fusing clueless, useless, musing To fantastic, classic, grooving That’s fast, elastic, and moving Dance in accordance To the sentences sense of importance The ca...

  17. Street Art

    A Lost Poem is Embossed In frost on the Boston sidewalk Where the wind And her hand Has opened Unpinned Locks Letting Hope in When the Soft-spoken Coldness knocks

  18. Silk Starlight

    Lukewarm rain Is like unseen blood Dealt from unfelt pain Not even a tickle of hair Stirs in the soft stillness That fills up this air With sun beams and spiders Unreeling starlight in silk Fading from the ceiling Cascading like milk

  19. Sir Tad of Winslow

    Sir Tad of Winslow shambles up to the circle of contenders bearing the bites of a savage battle on his slashed cheeks and punctured shoulder. On his chest, under a swath of shredded cloth, hangs a necklace made of fangs. Each milky tooth is capped at i...

  20. Sharp And Clear

    I saw him Pull a symbol From the rubble Of the window I heard it shattered Falling ’neath the sill Still, He says, The pieces Of it mattered And from what he gathered They always will

  21. A Ridiculous Freestyle Story!

    writing without edit Is exciting It’s like inviting all of the ideas you never credit because you was (were) searching, Unearthing something surfacing Before erasing, THus defacing all of its besmirching quizzing Haphazard drivel from drizzl...

  22. Out of Nowhere

    You all see Continually A lot like me It’s more than Purely likely We sprung From one Impregnating sun And the earth Gave birth With the sterile elements Of a fertile universe How is it perceived to be right That we’ve been conceived By i...

  23. Triangular Melodrama

    I Am Often Forgotten, Caught in hurt, Worn like the torn Cotton shirt of thought I brought, mended, fought For, then said I ought of ended The bled on threads its love begot

  24. The Rhythm Of Light Is Life

    Senses come Dispersed in life Like a prism Immersed In light

  25. Pissed At Asparaguses

    Oh spare us Of our bright yellow pee, Asparagus, you nefarious little careless… Hey! And why the hell does it have to smell so funny!?

  26. Untitled

    Fat snow flakes, the tone of bone, sat like icing on cakes.

  27. A Blimp With No Teeth

    Freshly woken, in a stale state of mental murkiness, I opened the fridge and considered my options. Orange juice boring, milk mo (ugh) I mean no , water water-ever. “Hey, did you grow up in a barn?” My dad asks. He’s way too sarcastic and rhetori...

  28. Syllable Notes (Up Until It Slopes)

    (6)As it pertains to pain (6)I’m certain the future’s (6)Curtain is sure to fall (6)After hurting again (6)Now as then, after all (3)The candle (2)Will dull (3)Until its (2)Last flits (3)Dismantle (5)Like little chateaus (5)Of the earth&#...

  29. The Trigger Clown

    The trigger clown (In the bitter glow Of a painted frown) Feels the undertow Pull him down (Where bodies freeze Underground.) Confined By no boundaries His mind Travels with the souls he frees Unwinding the restraints of realities. It’s there he find...

  30. Sharp T.O.M.B. (Halloween)

    I am October to the seasons I wonder how bitter I can be I hear the claw of bare branches I see Ice float in the sea I want to quiet warm hearts I am making you dead like me ~ I pretend to be nothing I feel your spine with a shiver I touch the root of ...