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  1. Securing the Future (Day 104)

    It was the first time I killed a man in the name of something greater. Had I killed others before this? Of course. That’s what soldiers do. Those enemies were faceless. Demonized. Different. I got paid for it. When I first enlisted, it wasn’...

  2. Finding Maxine (Day 103) (Mature)

  3. Provoking the Beast (Day 102) (Mature)

  4. A Tool of Violence (Day 101)

    Paul had a gun. It wasn’t elegant or personalized in any way. Even for its small size it was dense and lay heavily against his palm as if to reinforce the simple fact that it was a weapon and must be taken seriously. The smooth cool exterior look...

  5. Driving to the End of the Road (Day 100)

    As Michael continued driving into his eleventh hour, lines began to blur. Day folded under the pressure of night. The road thrashed like a pinned snake anytime he didn’t directly look at it. Thankfully, as long as he focused, it stayed reasonably...

  6. Burden of Guilt (Day 99) (Mature)

  7. As the Stone Falls (Day 98)

    Vien lounged atop thick green grass. Next to him was a pile of rocks he had collected on the way over. Some were like fists, perfect for destroying a window. Others were long and round and flat. The kind that are perfect for skipping. Still others were...

  8. Neglect (Day 97)

    Some days are unforgettable. The date is seared into my mind; a mental brand. I can feel the bumps that make up the scar tissue if I really try. They are always there, out of sight, but the surprise realization comes suddenly and so do the memories kep...

  9. Those Precious Moments (Day 96)

    Breathing was hard. Short shallow breaths were okay. Anything more than that triggered sharp pains like knives running up the outer edges of my rib cage. Even though I knew the pain was out there waiting for me to make a mistake, breathing was so autom...

  10. Receptions (Day 95)

    An incoherent expression was all the warning I had before a rickety wagon wheel threw mud at me. I leaped back to avoid having a foot crushed. Wiping the cold clinging stuff from my chest, I shook my fist at the retreating wagon. The old man hadn’...

  11. Violent Disconnection (Day 94)

    A bee buzzed against the window. It wasn’t an angry noise but rather it sounded like nature herself was humming. It reminded me of a cat’s contented purr. I tapped the window. “Hey there, Mr. Bee. You seem pretty happy out there.̶...

  12. A Dangerous Feeling (Day 93)

    The feeling of disappointment comes like a sharp blow, not so much as a stinging slap, but rather like a swift kick to the nuts. It spreads outward and upward, an echo of pain in the lower stomach covered by an a thick blanket of deadness, as if the ne...

  13. Hollow (Day 92)

    The house was cold and dark as it always was when I came home. Turning the lights on didn’t seem to help. It just changed the museum from day to night. Even though I lived there, it felt empty. After the door shut behind me there was only a heavy...

  14. Disparate Aptitudes (Mature)

  15. (A) Refusal to be Boring

    Seek. Strive. Perservere. While you carry your own light The stars surround you

  16. Despair Bear (Day 91) (Mature)

  17. Learning is Painful

    Reaching up, the man grabbed Nina’s wrist and twisted. Her hand went numb and despite her best efforts, the knife clattered to the ground. Hissing, Nina drew another knife with her other hand and cut diagonally. Surprise splayed across his face. ...

  18. Last Words (Day 90)

    Lautemy mounted the wooden steps, his head held high. Two guards, one on either side of him, kept firm grips on his upper arms but he moved without their urging. The gibbet creaked as an unseen wind played in its frame. Below him the two dozen people w...

  19. L is for Love Without Judgment

    Perry sucked on the straw, her cheeks bowing inward, until she was rewarded with a mouthful of creamy peanut butter. Satisfied, she settled back against the tree, her eyes bright. Gem frowned around a mouthful of fries. “I don’t know how yo...

  20. Remake With Madness, Save With Sanity (Day 89)

    The lines of separation that made up the world flexed, bulging outward, straining, until they broke under the intense pressures being brought to bear. As reality itself shattered, thought, material and energy became one and madness descended upon the w...

  21. Bucking Tradition (Day 88)

    “It needs more pink.” “It’s not girly enough.” “Why is the one with rainbow colored hair so athletic? Is she a lesbian?” “There’s too much focus on self-exploration and comedy. Girls aren’t in...

  22. Like Creeping Sores (Day 87)

    Nine sheet covered bodies lay in the street, cordoned off from the rest of the city by angry looking biohazard tape. Meerchum eyed the other medical personnel that buzzed around in their half-panicked, half-excited states with open disapproval. People ...

  23. Like Creeping Sores (Day 87)

    Nine sheet covered bodies lay in the street, cordoned off from the rest of the city by angry looking biohazard tape. Meerchum eyed the other medical personnel that buzzed around in their half-panicked, half-excited states with open disapproval. People ...

  24. Dangerous Words

    In front of me the scene continued to play out and I tried to remain invisible; less than a background piece and certainly not a witness. The three thin members of the Two Bones stared at the hulking form of the Bloody Thumbs and he returned it impassi...

  25. Grief isn't Cheap

    I kept my hands firmly folded against the desk. “So what I’m hearing, and please tell me if I got any part of this wrong, comes down to two facts. First, your boss stole your girlfriend. Second, you are now accusing him of being some kind o...

  26. Blue Tuesday (Day 86)

    Bartleby slowly pushed the contorted faces of his Screa-YUMS! around in the bowl. It was a gesture that had been repeated often as he sat there staring blankly, waiting for a nebulous something that never came. Eddies and currents created by the motion...

  27. Intruder (Day 85)

    The door opened and three men stepped inside. All three were skinny and moved with a swagger that implied ownership. The leader’s face was a grim mask held in place by a clenched jaw. To my dismay, the last two fingers of his left hand were paint...

  28. Under Pressure (Day 84)

    Gerald winced at the indistinct shouting coming from next door. He closed his eyes, hands balling into fists until he was ready to march over there and give them tit for tat. He had begun to stand when the shouting had cut off, and he sank back into hi...

  29. As We Agreed (Day 83)

    Thick dreadlocks were pulled back off her forehead by a red bandanna. Tiny white diamonds danced across the fabric. Dust splashed up the sweat pants and the bottom half of the jean jacket, embedded by time and wear. A strap hung off her shoulder and di...

  30. On Patrol: Welcoming the Dawn

    Stifling a yawn with the back of my hand, I placed my palm against the glass as if to welcome the sun and almost recoiled at the frigid surface. Instead, I closed my eyes, forcing myself to really feel it and accept it as it was. No matter how many tim...

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