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A no-name, aspiring author who can’t stop writing. Looking ahead, he strives for perfection. Shackled by various forms of entertainment, he dreams of success. Most stories here are an invitation to YOU, to join me in creating new stories, new worlds, and a different tomorrow.


  1. Programs Hot (day 45) (Mature)

  2. Futile Systems (Poem)

    Hackers and outlaws The data frontier runs wild Yet there is honor He wields lines of code Spinal modem running hot Cybersamurai Niro breaks the ICE With a quick flick of his wrist and accesses .judgment

  3. Henry's Last Stand (Day 44)

    Henry paced back and forth in front of the opaque double doors. He clenched and unclenched his hands trying to stop their shaking. Maya should be coming through those doors any minute. She always took lunch around this time, though he had been ready fo...

  4. A Legacy of Sacrifice (Day 43)

    “What you suggest is madness.” Xamira folded her arms. The fingertips on her right hand tapped against the hard muscle in irritation. “Bold, not mad, my dear.” Gracien smiled broadly. “If Father and Grandfather before him ...

  5. It's a Lifestyle (Day 42)

    The room stank of stale cigarette smoke and disappointment. Machines designed to shatter dreams, trading money for hope of success or for stories, stood in fat rows. Each promised a big win soon. Somewhere the tinny sound of nickels being paid out clin...

  6. Outskirts of Sanity (Day 41)

    Murray stood at the edge of a dark city. There was light yet the city was dark. He couldn’t remember how he got there or what he was supposed to do. Trying to concentrate on such details filled his mind with a whirlwind of thousands of cawing cro...

  7. Seeking Relief (Day 40) (Mature)

  8. On the Job (Day 39)

    Rebecca pushed a thick handled broom in front of her. Cigarette butts, coarse sand and gum wrappers created small piles marking where she had been. Sweeping wasn’t glamorous but she did take a certain satisfaction from tidying up a place that she...

  9. An Old Form of Protection (Day 38)

    Matt passed a hand over his eyes. In part to shield them from the coastal wind that carried grit and salt. In part it was to force himself to look away from the false beauty of the coast. He had once loved swimming in those dark waters but now they onl...

  10. A Quick Stop (Day 37)

    Bonnie ran her thumb and index finger down the length of her lapel while she waited for the kid behind the counter to find her cigarettes. Catching sight of her own reflection in the sunglasses display, she touched her hair and admired the way she look...

  11. Fears Spur a Man (Day 36)

    I arrived at the coastal city of San Marianne, a little south of Monterey, some time after midnight. Unaccustomed to worming down nameless roads by moonlight, I found the journey to be singularly terrifying. Antiquated farmhouses huddled against lone h...

  12. Orbiting a World of Cats (Day 35)

    Mr. Meow-Meow had vanished again. I was always curious about the kinds of adventures he was on when he wasn’t home. Boring ones, I’d imagine. It wasn’t as if our neighborhood was very exciting, even for a cat. No parks to speak of. No...

  13. Perfect Coordination (Day 34)

    Jacqueline glanced back to see how well her counterpart from London was faring. Marianne struggled in the snow, bundled up in a matching white and blue fur-lined parka. That was their outer protection from the frozen winds that whipped through the deso...

  14. On Patrol: Catching Up

    The bridge was empty and dark with only two candles burning. The tiller was locked into place, which still bothered me. It never seemed safe despite Firus’ assurances. The room was clean, much cleaner than I’d expected after such a rough co...

  15. Pride (Day 33)

    Letasha was cleaner than most homeless people. She was younger too with a story that hit every cliche, from pimps and drugs to a daughter in another state, but I believed her. Earnest and under-educated, her eyes were bright with intelligence. I found ...

  16. Taut Strings (Day 32)

    I looked past Norman’s shoulder, avoiding his eyes. He tried to lay a hand on my shoulder but I shrugged it off. He sighed explosively. “Look you knew we were all drunk and blazed. Why didn’t you speak up?” I let the silence bet...

  17. Dune Dredging (Day 31)

    The Deadskin Dunes were high and dry. Zephyrs of wind swept through the endless hills of human skin, kicking them into the air in spurting gouts of choking clouds or swirling them into tiny dust devils. Unceasing sunlight baked everything into a crisp ...

  18. An Uncompromising Solution (Day 30)

    With a heavy heart, I gently closed the faded yellow cover of the book. It was hard to breathe, hard to think. I felt sad— no, I felt more than sad, I felt sorrowful as if my heart had turned to stone. Impossible! Unfeeling stone never hurt this ...

  19. Anchored Between the Stars (Day 29)

    The city vanished as simply as turning a page. Where a snow-torn London once stood, a deep blackness spread out infinitely, splashed with swirls of cosmic color. Meredith continued looking out the window but her tail began to twitch back and forth.R...

  20. Joyless (Poetry)

    I know a girl who keeps the rest of the world At arm’s distance Protecting herself from past wounds That throb behind stone walls Painstakingly erected With bloody fingers -The ache comes still Memory is jagged Painfully sharp She wraps herself T...

  21. The Stone Forest (Day 28)

    Jihn looked up at the pillars of pockmarked stone that towered over him and gulped. Legend said that this was once a great house of some sort and that the winds of time had filed away roof and walls. He didn’t think so. The pillars were clumped too c...

  22. The Skins We Wear (Day 27) (Mature)

  23. Trust. Whose. Heart.

    My soul’s amphitheater is empty Swaying from side to side gently I prepared to take my last step Looking for any solace I could get Was this my final mark on the world Another faceless teenage dead girl To be added to the growing list Of those t...

  24. Broken (Day 26)

    Rayne rubbed her shoulder patch with one hand before settling back into the ‘at ease’ stance. The tri-colored lightning bolt was her call sign. Well it used to be her call sign. She shifted back and forth from one booted foot to the other u...

  25. The Armada (Day 25)

    Countless ships blinked into existence, filling the infinite blackness with oblong gray shapes. My targeting computer went wild trying to count them, eventually stopping at a thousand. I gulped. My stomach tried to abandon me. There couldn’t be t...

  26. By the Light of the Distant Sun (Day 24)

    I twisted my heel pushing hard pushing against the sand. Swinging my other leg around slowly, I brought it straight up over my head. My muscles screamed in agony but I had to continue. The dance must continue. Faster now, I pivoted swinging my hips rou...

  27. Skit: The World's Worst DJ (Day 23) (Mature)

  28. Sarah's Special Friend (Day 22)

    Sarah’s small hand gripped mine, leading me onward through the forest. In green patches, moss climbed trees whose thick branches melded to make an almost uniform canopy. The sunlight that made it through appeared wan and tired. “How far are...

  29. Gray Medicine (Day 21)

    Dr. Farmgood was a fat, barrel of a man. He entered the exam room red faced and panting. His coat stank of stale cigarettes. Lifting the clipboard to his face, he glanced over it and then looked at the patient. Todd, who was six, was screaming hoarsely...

  30. A Growing Storm (Day 20)

    ASTORMISCOMINGASTORMISCOMINGASTORMISCOMING. O rocked back and forth, keeping her eyes on the charcoal markings scrawled around her room. Words repeated themselves, written as a child would, covering one entire wall and extending beyond in tendrils comp...

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