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A no-name, aspiring author who can’t stop writing. Looking ahead, he strives for perfection. Shackled by various forms of entertainment, he dreams of success. Most stories here are an invitation to YOU, to join me in creating new stories, new worlds, and a different tomorrow.


  1. The Last Freedom (Mature)

  2. Haunted: The Doll (Day 3)

    I took hold of both zippers that topped my backpack, one in each hand, and slowly eased them apart. Sprawled across the top of my books was a tiny bundle of noisome green-gray rags. “Mom!” I yelled. She appeared in the kitchen doorway, dryi...

  3. To Gather is to Shine! (Day 2)

    I could feel a smile threatening to break out as I watched them come. Writers of different ages, sizes, colors, each carrying a brass lantern. Some had bought oils to mark them as different. Their flames burned in purples, pale greens, and silvers. Sev...

  4. Casual Insults (Day 1) (Mature)

  5. Into the Tree

    A hazy paleness pressed against a pine in the distance drawing us onward. Henry kept to the front, brandishing his lantern like a cudgel against the night. “You really think, Cynthia’s a witch?” Henry asked, his voice thick with whisk...

  6. Utopia Dream

    An old punk song blared out of the speakers, covering my entrance into the Gateway. The old operator’s eyes were closed underneath bushy eyebrows but his fingers sketched intricate patterns into the air, dancing to the drums. I cleared my throat ...

  7. My Own Enemy

    Fear has kept me away. Fear of being consumed, of pouring myself out, wringing my heart and mind until there is nothing left. Fear is a powerful motivator but it paralyzes more often than it gives wings. My fingers and thumb curl to meet each other as ...

  8. Iron Elements (Repost)

    Humid air gathered the collective stink of Hong Kong and exhaled it back, hot and wet, onto the humanity below. Summer nights were often miserable. Qiao wrinkled her nose as she ran swiftly across the roof, her bare feet barely touching the tiles. She ...

  9. 3 Word Challenge, Entry 18: Curfew, Resume, Flush

    Mighty bells rang throughout the city, reverberating from tower to tower. I cursed my luck. I knew I was running late but I hadn’t realized how late. The bells marked curfew and that made getting home . . . tricky. Lights began to dot the streets...

  10. On Safari (Mature)

  11. The Logic of Idiots (Mature)

  12. Happy Holidays to the Mortimers! (B) (Mature)

  13. Happy Holidays to the Mortimers! (A)

    Happy holidays to the Mortimers! Has it already been a year? Time sure flies when you’re having fun. We really need to get together more often before it’s too late. Our annual family update is very exciting this year. First off, Victor and ...

  14. Entry 14- 3 Word Prompt Chain: BOLD, BRAZEN, CREAM

    Monica fluttered her fan, trying to dispel some of the sweltering mid-day heat. Antonio dropped to his knees, wincing as they banged against the tile floor. His constant praise did not stop or even slow down. If anything the pain appeared to spur him o...

  15. Knowing Where is Not Enough

    After rapping the iron door, Rose waited. The hatch slid open with an uneven grinding of metal on metal revealing dark slanted eyes that searched the entire alley before coming to rest on Rose. A muffled voice grunted, “What do you bring?” ...

  16. Trapped and Alone

    Meaganne regretted saying the words as soon as they left her mouth. She was trapped here and this would only make things worse. The insult seemed to pierce the thick lord, paralyzing him in mid stride. After a single breathless moment, Renn rounded on ...

  17. The Perfect Drug (Mature)

  18. It's Not All Part of the Plan

    I stared into the darkness behind the woman’s eyes. Her lips curled into a smile but her eyes held the vacant stare of a corpse. Something chirped in the breast pocket of my suit. It took me a second to realize that it was the special ring tone. ...

  19. Getting Familiar

    “You humans think you are far cleverer than you actually are.” Priti sniffed. I chortled to myself. Demonics held powers that bent natural laws but they had a tough time handling positive emotions. Things like hope, love, compassion and joy...

  20. Out Running

    Through dark forest, Sheri ran. Tripping, stumbling, she fell a dozen times. Each time she scrambled to her feet as fast as she could, trying to recapture lost momentum. Sometimes she skidded, half tumbling, half falling down a sloped hill. Other times...

  21. Rats in a World of Cats

    Jagged shards of glass lined the window. Jetta gestured at my crowbar and mimed wrapping something around it. I nodded at her and took off my scarf. The thick wool made a sleeve for the crowbar and I cleared the glass from the frame. Some shards tinkle...

  22. Broken Wishes

    As the window exploded into a whirlwind of broken glass, all I could think was, Please, oh please, not today. Just once I wanted a cake and presents. I wanted to have a special day. I did as I was taught and crawled on my hands and knees away from the ...

  23. Ashes of the Past

    I cupped the top of the rock with a hand that was larger now and darkly tanned. Ridges and scars decorating my skin almost blended in to the rough surface of the rock’s face. It was strange to come home. I had never dreamed that I’d return....

  24. Sand Castles of the Mind (Mature)

  25. On Patrol: Division of Information

    The rest of the watch was relatively uneventful. I briefly caught sight of the ship that was following us. Or at least I thought I did. Shadows moving among clouds at night made me uncertain but it did set me to thinking. Why would any ship follow us t...

  26. Preying on Loneliness

    I unzipped my coveralls and let the top half hang down behind me like skin I had sloughed off. It felt good to be warm again. The drive core was practically the only place on the ship that could maintain heat. Space was just too cold. Actually, people ...

  27. Strength Shared is Strength Multiplied

    Her hand tightened around mine. “Never let me go.” The storm broke overhead. Shivering, we stood against it together, refusing to give up.

  28. Fortune's Fool (Mature)

  29. A Hollow House

    The door bell rang. Warped sound fought back the silence that permeated my house. For a moment I thought it would be her. It was impossible but I that didn’t keep me from thinking that everytime someone came to the door or called me on the phone....

  30. Monster in the Mirror

    She stood naked and stared at the monster in the mirror. She could see every criticism ever levied against her as if it was written on the contours of her skin. It was unpleasant. Intolerable. Her body was a catalog of invisible scars and half-healed w...

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